America's Oldest Rowing Club
Ever Since 1838


Boathouse Telephone

Mailing Address
Narragansett Boat Club
PO Box 603011
Providence, RI 02906-0011

Street Address
2 River Road 
Providence, RI 02906

Directions to the NBC Boathouse

The boathouse address is 2 River Road, Providence. Or you can use our Google coordinates: 41.832631,-71.378058. 

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From Boston:

  • From Route 95 South, take Exit 27 “North Providence/Pawtucket.”
  • Go 0.1 mile to light then turn Left at Sunoco Station.
  • Proceed through first light then at 0.2 miles you will come to a fork; go Left at this fork, past the sign “Oak Hill” and past CVS.
  • From the fork, at 1.0 miles is a Citgo and Shell gas station, go 100 feet past the gas stations and go Left onto Blackstone Blvd (no street sign).
  • Proceed 1.7 miles on Blackstone Blvd. Left onto Angell Street.
  • Go down the hill and make a left at the river. Go 0.3 mile to NBC (on the right).

From New York/New Haven:

  • Take Route 95 North to Route 195 East, which is Exit 19, “Cape Cod.”
  • Take the first exit, “Gano Street,”  which is Exit 2. Follow signs to Gano Street.
  • At T intersection, make a left.
  • Make next right onto Gano Street.
  • Proceed on Gano Street past Dunkin Donuts and blinking light, and at 0.3 miles go Right at the light onto Pitman St. (trailers: this is a tight corner).
  • Once on Pitman, proceed 0.5 mile thru light, to end where you follow the road to the left
  • Proceed straight across the rotary (i.e., once in the rotary, get out at the first opportunity)
  • In 0.5 miles is NBC. (This road is two lane but has no lines.)

Returning to Route 95 North or South:

  • Proceed straight towards the Finish Line/Red Bridge, (do not turn Right up the hill).
  • Go 0.4 miles to Rotary (This road is two lane but has no lines) and go halfway around the rotary and straight out the far side.
  • After the rotary, the road bends to the Right (called Pitman St) and proceed 0.4 miles to the second traffic light; Turn Left onto Gano at this 2nd light.
  • Go 0.4 miles on Gano and take the ramp to Route 195 WEST
  • Junction to 95N and 95S is in about 1 mile

Contact the Team

Jamie Reavis

Rob English

John Ryan
Director of Rowing Programs

Eric Watne

Anne Fleet

Joan Martin

Gayle Simmons
Regatta Director

Alden Bumstead

Emi Marchetti