America's Oldest Rowing Club
Ever Since 1838


Boathouse Telephone

Mailing Address
Narragansett Boat Club
PO Box 603011
Providence, RI 02906-0011

Street Address
2 River Road 
Providence, RI 02906

Directions to the NBC Boathouse

The boathouse address is 2 River Road, Providence. Or you can use our Google coordinates: 41.832631,-71.378058. 

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From Boston:

  • From Route 95 South, take Exit 27 “North Providence/Pawtucket.”
  • Go 0.1 mile to light then turn Left at Sunoco Station.
  • Proceed through first light then at 0.2 miles you will come to a fork; go Left at this fork, past the sign “Oak Hill” and past CVS.
  • From the fork, at 1.0 miles is a Citgo and Shell gas station, go 100 feet past the gas stations and go Left onto Blackstone Blvd (no street sign).
  • Proceed 1.7 miles on Blackstone Blvd. Left onto Angell Street.
  • Go down the hill and make a left at the river. Go 0.3 mile to NBC (on the right).

From New York/New Haven:

  • Take Route 95 North to Route 195 East, which is Exit 19, “Cape Cod.”
  • Take the first exit, “Gano Street,”  which is Exit 2. Follow signs to Gano Street.
  • At T intersection, make a left.
  • Make next right onto Gano Street.
  • Proceed on Gano Street past Dunkin Donuts and blinking light, and at 0.3 miles go Right at the light onto Pitman St. (trailers: this is a tight corner).
  • Once on Pitman, proceed 0.5 mile thru light, to end where you follow the road to the left
  • Proceed straight across the rotary (i.e., once in the rotary, get out at the first opportunity)
  • In 0.5 miles is NBC. (This road is two lane but has no lines.)

Returning to Route 95 North or South:

  • Proceed straight towards the Finish Line/Red Bridge, (do not turn Right up the hill).
  • Go 0.4 miles to Rotary (This road is two lane but has no lines) and go halfway around the rotary and straight out the far side.
  • After the rotary, the road bends to the Right (called Pitman St) and proceed 0.4 miles to the second traffic light; Turn Left onto Gano at this 2nd light.
  • Go 0.4 miles on Gano and take the ramp to Route 195 WEST
  • Junction to 95N and 95S is in about 1 mile

Contact the Team

Chris Bardt

Deb Chute
Secretary (Membership)

Albin Moser
Director of Rowing Programs

Eric Watne

Robin Gross

Bjorn Sandstede

Gayle Simmons
Regatta Director

Alden Bumstead

Ricky Brightman
Emi Marchetti