America's Oldest Rowing Club
Ever Since 1838
Why ROw? 

A Full-BOdy WOrkout

Rowing is a workout for just about every part of your body—legs, core, and arms are all part of the stroke. It’s a fantastic low-impact way to build strength as well as an aerobic exercise.


Our urban river is home to a surprising range of flora and fauna—nesting herons, osprey, and bald eagles are just a start. And sunrise over the water is a great way to start your day!

The Thrill of competition

You don’t have to race to enjoy rowing, but if you want to, opportunities abound. Whether you are a junior or a grandparent, there are lots of regattas close at hand, including the ones we host right here at NBC.


Synchrony and speed: the crew of an eight, including cox, is perhaps the ultimate team. But there is camaraderie in all rowing—and as a club, we are a team that always welcomes new members!

Recent Posts

Here is the news from the NBC Annual Awards Party held on February 2, 2019. A great event with lots of great people who also took the time to give some our members very special recognition. Thanks to Dan Gorriaran we have photo of Team Patagonia, all NBC members, of course.

On Saturday, July 15, NBC hosted the 35th edition of our Sweeps & Sculls Regatta.

Six boats representing the Narragansett Boat Club qualified to race in the 2017 USRowing Youth Nationals at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida.

Live Camera