Guest Rowers at NBC

We welcome rowers who are visiting Providence and would like to row at NBC during their stay. Visiting rower privileges are at the Captain’s discretion: if you are interested in rowing with us, please contact the Captain to discuss eligibility. The captain will also determine which shells you can use during your visit.

Member’s Guest

Each NBC member in good standing can host a guest for up to six rows free of charge. You will not receive a key and must row with your host. Your host is responsible for any damage you cause to club equipment at the level specified in our damage policy.

Visiting Rower

If you do not know any members who could host you or if you want to row with us for longer, we charge $50 per week for a maximum of 4 weeks — if you stay for longer than 4 weeks, you will need to join as a member. You will not receive a key and must be accompanied by NBC members during your rows: the Captain can help you find other rowers to row with. You are responsible for damages at the same level that a member would be (see our damage policy for details).

Once our Captain has approved you to row as a guest, you can purchase your guest pass on the following page: