Official Newsletter of the Narragansett Boat Club – Issue 1

Mar 2024

Hardy souls are on the Seekonk as their teammates crank out the last kilometers of erg training indoors. Time for the winter update on all things Narragansett, plus a look ahead to spring.

An opening salute to the Governance Committee is in order. By a unanimous vote of those present (or Zooming) at January’s annual membership meeting, Narragansett Boat Club now has its first modern set of by-laws. Replacing a constitution last revised in 2004, the by-laws will protect the club’s not-for-profit status by outlining its broad mission; the composition, roles and duties of the Board of Governors; and the responsibilities of membership at large.

President Kristi Wharton commissioned the panel early in 2023 to bring our governing documents into compliance with applicable law. Chanika Phornphutkul chaired a committee that brought a wealth of skills and experience to bear on the enterprise: Rick Richards, Eric Goetz, Matt Eriksen, Anne Fleet and Eva Goodman.