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Head of the Seekonk Regatta

Saturday, September 23, 2017

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Course Map and Course Video

The Overall Rules: Where applicable, the USRA's Rules of Rowing will be in effect.

Novice: Novice rowers are in their first year of competition.

Penalties: The purpose of the buoy penalty is to keep boats on a safe course, make it clear what the shortest course is and not overly penalize a crew for missing a buoy by mistake. Missing a buoy is a 30 second penalty. Officials have discretion to increase this penalty if they determine that a buoy was cut intentionally to gain an advantage.

Regatta Meeting: There will be a meeting for scullers, coaches and coxswains before launch time of the first race. The time of the regatta meeting will be posted with the race schedule.

Shell storage and parking: You will be able to park your trailer on the grass across from the Narragansett Boat Club. You will not be able to park your car there.

Bow Markers: We will supply bow markers and bow bib numbers which you will pick up when registering. If both of these are not visible at the start and finish, you may not be timed. You are responsible for the attachment of the bow number to your boat.

Equipment check: Before launching check your wing nuts, rigger bolts, collar bolts, footstretchers, etc., anything that may be problematic.

Launch Times: The start of the head race is 2 miles south of the boat club. You will need to avoid crews racing on the course, so don't be in a rush. Depending on your warm up plans, you will probably want to launch 40-60 minutes before race time.

Oar and scull storage: If possible, have someone bring your sculls and/or oars to the dock as you bring your shell.

Launching: Follow the directions of the dock masters. Launch heading south which is towards the start.

Approaching the Starting Line: There will be very visible starting buoys and a starting announcer. You should start 10-15 seconds after the bow number before you.

Steering and Navigating the Course: The Seekonk River Course is a tidal estuary. Be aware of the direction of the tide and anticipate how it will affect your steering. Watch the boats ahead of you. Review the course map and watch our video describing the course buoys and landmarks.

Returning to the dock: After passing the finish, continue rowing to allow boats behind you to finish. Turn counterclockwise and row back on the shore side of the finish line. You will have a clear path to the dock. Wait for the dockmaster to call you in. Land your shell, have someone assist you, if possible, so that you can take your shell and your sculls/oars as quickly off the dock as possible. Do not leave your equipment on the dock.

Awards: Gold medals will be awarded for first place in each of the listed events. Silver medals will be awarded in events with five or more entries. Bronze medals will be awarded in events with ten or more entries.