America's Oldest Rowing Club
Ever Since 1838


Providence/March 7: Register now for Youth Spring and Adult Rowing. If you have rowed before, we have intermediate and advanced sweeps and sculls. Sweeps are the "big" boats, eights and fours, each person rowing with one oar. Sculling is usually one person, or two, each rowing with two oars. In all cases, the objective is to learn how to propel the boat with strength and skill to make it go as fast as possible over a given distance. The distance might be short, like 2000 meters, or much longer, up to three miles. Register at 

If rowing sweeps has captured your imagination and you have the experience, register for YSP8+ 3:30PM Mon-Fri. You may even be ready to race sometime this spring. If you would rather scull, and can do it well, register for YSPXA5 3:30 Mon-Fri, advanced sculling, if you'd like to try racing in a single. Or, register for YSPIX4 3:30 Mon-Thu, intermediate sculling, if you are just coming out of rowing in zephyrs or still learning how to balance the narrow boats. There are also 2-day a week intermeidate sculling classes in YSPIX2 5:30PM MonWed or TueThu.

If you are a beginner, you are a novice, so take on the barge/zephyr class. This is a combination of learning to row in the barge and getting practice in the zephyrs. Register for YSPBZ 3:30 Mon-Thu, or simply register for the Novice Barge, YSPBN 5:30 MonWed or TueThu, later in the afternoon. Note: the Barge/Zeyphyr is almost full.

Adult Classes have their own special course numbers and row in the mornings at 6:00, 7:15, and 8:30; afternoons at 5:30. Sweeps is limited to Novice Barge, Power Barge and Beginner Eight. NBC Members row the experienced eights. Sculling is in zephyrs and Peinert X25 or 26 singles. If you have questions, send an email to , or give us a phone call at 401.272.1838.

Rowing on the water begins March 26. Boat Club membership is not required for classes.