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It Was a Super Sweeps & Sculls

On Saturday, July 15, NBC hosted the 35th edition of our Sweeps & Sculls Regatta. It promised to be a big one and to deliver a lot of exciting racing and didn't disappoint on either count. There were 249 entries representing 29 different rowing clubs that spanned all the way north from Blue Goose in Lewiston, ME and Upper Valley in Hanover, NH to Philadelphia’s Fairmount Rowing and University Barge in the south. 

Many of these clubs won their stash of medals. The Narragansett Boat Club did, too, with eleven golds, eleven silvers, and seven bronzes. Congratulations to the NBC winners and all who competed in this extravaganza! Winners from NBC were:  

  • Lucy Hamilton and Portia Gaitskell in the Women’s Open 2X
  • Alden Bumstead and Ed Geyh in the Mixed Masters C-F 2X
  • Eric Watne, John Duke, Scott Whitney, and Dan Gorriaran in the Men’s Masters 4-
  • Rowan Carroll and Alden Bumstead in the Women’s Masters D-G 2X
  • Eric Watne, Andy Washburn, John Cotter, and Scott Whitney in the Men’s Masters 4X
  • Ed Geyh, Alex Cook, Kim Cook, and Alden Bumstead, Mixed Master Quads
  • Ed Geyh and Bob Hannon, Men’s Master 2X
  • Dave and Laura Rand, Parent/Child 2X
  • Camille Vandermeer, Women’s Junior 1X

The list of winners also features the resurrection of the NBC eights:

  • NBC Women’s Masters 8+ A-C coached by Joan Brush (C-Larrisa Klufas, S-Laura Hawkins, 7-Suzanne Cadge, 6-Sarah Bowman, 5-Danilyn Rutherford, 4-Jean Lambert, 3-Suzannah Rutherford, 2-Susan Faasse, and B-Que Kellogg)
  • NBC’s Men’s Masters 8+ (C-Tory Bauer, S-Andrew Washburn, 7-John Duke, 6-Eric Watne, 5-Bob Hannon, 4-Dan Gorriaran, 3-John Cotter, 2-Scott Whitney, B-Eric Hagberg)

In addition, the Men’s and Women’s Open races determine the NBC Men’s and Women’s Single Scull Club Champions for 2017. This year's winners are  Jack Luby and Corlis Gross. Corlis has now won this title four times, so she is now tied with her mother, Robin, who has also won the award four times during her long career as a sculler and rower. Jack is also a repeater, since he won this award last year. Congratulations as well to Peter McKendall who was an excellent challenger in second place.

You can see all the results here.

You can see photos on Row2k here. More photos here.

Many thanks overall to the many, many NBC volunteers who helped make event so successful, starting with Gayle Simmons, our Regatta Director, who kept it all moving along so well. In addition, many thanks to Dave Mercante who not only took care of the early morning parking but was a very skillful dock master. Finally, we also should thank Mother Nature, who usually asserts her wrath at some point during the day. She really went easy on us this year, turning the Seekonk into a millpond. This made starting the races extremely easy.

~Albin Moser