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NBC Youth at the 2017 National Championships

Six boats representing the Narragansett Boat Club qualified to race in the 2017 USRowing Youth Nationals at Nathan Benderson Park in Sarasota, Florida. Last weekend, they joined 1,500 athletes from 150 teams from all over the country, racing over 3 days. Albin Moser was also there as a referee, and provided this report.

Of the six NBC boats, four advanced to the semi-finals and then went on to the A Finals in their event. It was an exciting weekend, complete with tricky weather and rain delays. You can check to gain more specific results concerning other scullers and crews. In addition, you can check out videos of the races by going to YouTube.

Jonathan Greenberg and Jack Stone raced in the Saturday C Final and came out ahead in a very tough battle, winning by .521 seconds. Jonathan has been coached by Peter Wilhelm and Jack by Joan Brush. The tandem worked with Peter Wilhelm over the past three weeks.

After qualifying for the Saturday morning semi-finals, Brigid Kennedy had an exciting semi-final race, stroking at 33-34 throughout the body of the race and then, with 400 meters to go, delivering on a blistering sprint at 36-37 to overtake Teal Cohen of Hockaday to place third and qualify for Sunday’s Women’s Youth 1X A Final. In the final, Brigid placed sixth, steadily challenging the boat ahead of her. Brigid has been coached by Peter Wilhelm. 

Toby Satterthwaite’s 5th place in Friday morning’s Men’s Youth 1X Time Trial qualified him for the Saturday morning semi-finals. Toby (7:24.307) took second place to Drake Deuel (7:22.660) of Dallas United to earn his spot in Sunday’s Men’s Youth 1X A Final. Toby rowed a strong race to win the bronze medal (by 4/10ths of second), coming in third to Conor Donadio and Drake Deuel. Toby has been coached by Peter Wilhelm; as was Drake Deuel who spent his 2016 summer in Providence learning how to scull. 

NBC Youth Women’s 4X (Stroke-Eliza Kallfelz, 3-Camille VanderMeers, 2-Lucy Hamilton, Bow-Katie Dolan) won the Friday morning time trial by 6/10ths of a second. They won their semi-final race, posting the top time of the two semis. In Sunday morning’s Final A, the Narragansett quad easily took the silver medal as they did their best to challenge the leading crew from Iowa’s Y Quad Cities. Peter Wilhelm is also their coach, with assistance from Andrew Kallfelz. 

Ellie Hamilton and Claire Noble-Shriver placed 4th in Women’s Youth Lightweight 2X in Friday morning’s Time Trial, qualified for afternoon semi-finals and placed 2nd to qualify for Sunday’s Women’s Youth Lightweight 2X Final. They finished sixth, rowing a strong race. Ellie was coached by Joan Brush and became a combo with Claire who had been rowing sweeps with Lisa Evans and most recently coached by Peter Wilhelm.

Emmi Dolan and Lexi Shaw placed 21st in the Friday morning Women’s Youth Lightweight 2X morning time trial, qualifying for Saturday’s D Final. That final was postponed when racing stopped on Saturday because of heavy rain. On Sunday, they placed 5th in the final, in a hard race. Emmi and Lexi have been coached by Joan Brush throughout the spring and most recently by Peter Wilhelm.

Congratulations to all our competitors, the coaches, and the parents. We can take a great deal of pride in the achievements of these Narragansett Boat Club youth scullers. Best wishes to the seniors who may be moving on to even greater heights and to our younger rowers who may aspire to do even better next year, including this summer and fall.

Many thanks to Peter Dolan who supplied a number of pictures. Check them out in our photo gallery.