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Rowing Medals from New Zealand to Lowell

Brigid Takes Gold at Lowell Regatta

Lowell, MA/May 13: Racing at the Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta was to be a time trial in place of heats and then A, B, and C finals later in the day on Saturday and all day Sunday. Weather forecasts predicting fierce winds for Sunday and possibly Saturday forced the regatta organizers to go with head-style time trials for all day Saturday. Congratulations to Brigid Kennedy whose long-distance prowess provided her with a strong finish in the Women's Jr. 1X with a time of 8:18. Rowing in the same event were Ellie Hamilton (8:42) who finished 4th, her first race in a single, and Emily Dolan (8:55) who placed 7th. In the Men's Jr. 1X Jonathan Greenberg (7:30.76) placed third, six seconds out of first. Michael Kiselev (7:57.74) placed 4th; John Fay (8:10.2) placed 10th in his first race; and Aidan Novis (8:14.89) who placed 11th.

In the larger boats, Gaelyn Dwyer and Claire Noble Shriver (8:09.16) finished ninth in the Women's Jr. 2X. In the fours competition the NBC girls placed in the middle of the pack with 13th in the Women's Jr 2nd Varsity Fours (8:15.19) and 15th in the Women's Jr. Varsity 1st Fours (7:38.451). In the eights the NBC girls placed 14th (8:17.759) in the Women's Jr. Novice 8+; Bay View 17th (8:11.117) and 24th (8:43.205) in the Women's Jr. 2nd Varsity 8+. In the Women's Jr. Varsity 1st 8+ Bay View placed 13th (7:41.831).

Congratulations to all of the coaches: Amy Abbot, Joan Brush, Lisa Evans, Amy Abbot, and Peter Wilhelm for NBC. Brent Basso and Jennifer Contreras for Bay View.

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Lincoln School Almost Pulls an Upset Over BB&N

Cambridge, MA/May 13: The girls from Lincoln have been doing a lot of hard work throughout the spring. It's paying off. The Lincoln's first boat placed a third of a length behind BB&N. This is by far their closest margin ever in first boat competition with BB&N. Likewise for Lincoln's second boat which was close to a length behind. In the third boat race Lincoln had a victory in a race that was punctuated by some interference from a Charles River tour boat. All crews rowed in the 1300m Powerhouse stretch on the Charles River that has a finish line just south of the Riverside Boat Club. Conditions were close to ideal and remained that way throughout the racing. Congratulations to the crews and their coaches, Dan Gorriaran and Anne Fleet. If all goes well, in the next two weeks Lincoln will have its highest seed going into the NEIRA Championship Regatta on May 27. Good luck to them.

Official Results: First Boat: 1. BB&N, 4:47.60; 2. Lincoln, 4:50.86; 3. Southfield, 5:06.09. Second Boat: 1. BB&N, 4:58.46; 2. Lincoln, 5:01.01; 3. Southfield, 5:12.2. Third Boat: 1. Lincoln, 5:10.97; 2. BB&N 5:11.4; 3. Southfield, 5:47.28. Fourth Boat: 1. BB&N, 5:15.59; 2. Lincoln, 5:45.65; 3. Southfield, 6:18.8. 

At the Saratoga Invitational, Brigid and Katie Win Two Medals Each 

Saratoga, NY/April 29: On a windy day with whitecaps on the Fish Creek, Brigid Kennedy and Katie Dolan won bronze medals in their 2X flight with 5:43.615 on the 1500 meter, 10-lane course and had the third best time of all three women's champ 2x flights (3.5 seconds out of 2nd and 6.9 seconds out of 1st).   Katie was second in her 1X flight and had the 3rd best time of all rowers from both women's varsity single flights with rowers from the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.   At 6:18.653, Katie was just .55 seconds from second (Niskayuna Rowing, NY) and 6.1 seconds from 1st (New Canaan, CT).  Two weeks ago at Mercer, Katie was 23.6 seconds behind this same rower, New Canaan's Clair Campbell.  Brigid was right behind Katie with 6:20.989 in the 1x, was a bronze medalist in her flight, and had the fifth best time of both women's single flights.  

Emmi Dolan and Lexi DeShaw were able to row in the woman's championship double due to Brigid's quick thinking and action when their lightweight double's race was cancelled on Saturday afternoon due to high wind.  They rowed a 6:16.247 which was 5th out of 9 in their heat and 15th best time out of 24 open women's doubles as freshman lightweights.  Being realistic, they easily met their goal which was not to be last.

All results here:

Many thanks to Pete Dolan who provided the narrative.

Carol Browning Wins Four Medals at World Master's Games

Auckland, NZ/April 21+:  NBC'ers who have developed a strong competitive rowing history can get into some marvelous competition in exciting places. Rowing in the World Masters Games here in New Zealand, NBC's Carol Browning wrote: "Here we are with our GOLD medal. [See the picture above.]  My boat came in first and the next team boat got silver.  I ended up with 4 medals total! No words for the competitiveness and the thrill to be here and row with some great women. I ended up with a total of 12 races in 3 days. Our last race had heats and semis and in the final, 4 of us were fighting for bronze all with 1.2 sec. We didn't make bronze and still it was a great push." One of Carol's fellow rowers in the Fab Four was Judy Geer, a tremendous athlete herself and wife of Dick Dreissigacker, one of the founders and owners of Concept 2. Dick rowed out of the NBC (with Albin) as a Brown oarsman in 1966 & 1967 before the Brown Crew moved into Marston Boathouse at India Point. Congratulations to Carol and her rowing friends!