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10th Annual RIIR: Two First Place Finishes for NBC Sweeps

The 10th edition of the Rhode Island Interscholastic Regatta, hosted by NBC on May 17, was punctuated by rowing in rough water, but the scullers handled it well. The sweeps rowers made the best of it as well. The NBC sweeps girls did very well in taking first place in the Girls Varsity 8+ and the Novice 4+. Not so well in the Girls Novice 8+, a popped out oar after two minutes of racing put them way behind since it took time to put it back in place. East Bay took top honors in that event. Among the scullers the most exciting event was the intense friendly competition between the two NBC Mixed Quads with NBC B finishing 2.4 seconds ahead of NBC A. 

Congratulations to the singles scullers and especially those who rowed in their first race ever. Many thanks to the rowers and scullers from East Bay Rowing (Barrington) and Osprey Rowing Club (Narragansett, RI). And a major thank you to Lisa Evans who pulled it all together with a bevy of NBC volunteers. In addition, congratulations to the NBC Scholastic Coaches who have guided their rowers through another successful spring season: Amy Abbot, Joan Brush, Lisa Evans, Jill Hubbard, Albin Moser, Fran O’Donnell, Rick Richards, Kristin San Bento.

Final Results: 1. Zephyrs B: 1st Lauren Bonner, 7:22.6; 2nd Erika Arian, 7:34.2. 2. Girls Intermediate 1X: 1st Maleah Gillette, 5:47.1; 2nd Phoebe Roberts, 6:01.8. NBC’s top female sculler and a top national lightweight sculler, Brigid Kennedy (5:19.4) also entered this event as an exhibition rower. 3. Boys Intermediate 1X: 1st Lucien Gaitskell, 5:57.4; 2nd Connor Bitterman, 6:06.9; 3rd Teo Milner, 6:13.3; 4th Alex Pedro, 6:18.1.  Katie Dolan (5:36.4), another one of NBC’s top female scullers, rowed in this event as an exhibition rower.

4. Girls Novice 8+: 1st East Bay Rowing, 4:47.0; 2nd Osprey, 5:21.1; 3rd Bay View, 5:23.3; 4th NBC, 5:35.6. An NBC oar popped out two minutes into the race.  5. Zephyrs A: 1st Everett Smith, 6:25.0; 2nd Brooke Nyman, 7:02.0; 3rd Joe Napolatano, 7:27.2; 4th Lena Patrick, 7:28.8; 5th Jess Kelly, 7:31.0; 6th Ella Hage 8:15.0.

6. Mixed 4X: 1st NBC B, 4:09.3; 2nd NBC A, 4:11.7. 7. Girls Novice 4+: 1st NBC, 5:23.0; 2nd Osprey, 5:26.4; 3rd East Bay, 5:36.0; 4th Lincoln, 6:11.6. East Bay’s steering cable broke in this event. 8. Girls Varsity 8+: 1st NBC, 4:13.9; 2nd Bay View, 4:31.9.

NBC Lineups:

NBC Varsity 8+: C-Daniella Pedro, S-Anja Bjornson, 7-Claire Nobel-Shriver, 6-Katie Healey, 5-Lucy Handy, 4-Fiona Eves, 3-Anna Brousseau, 2-Gaelyn Dwyer, B-Caroline Esposito.

NBC Novice 8+: C-Laila Mirza, S-Zena Tadmoury, 7-Taylor Couto, 6-Caroline McAndrew, 5-Katia Koelliker, 4-Kayla So, 3-Lara Koelliker, 2-Jane Freiman, B-Joran Bean.

NBC Novice 4+: C-Stephanie Webber, S-Bella Morasco, 3-Kinara Gasper, 2-Anna-Sophia Matkasyan, B-Molly Miranda.

NBC Mixed 4X A: S-Jack Stone, 3-Ellie Hamilton, 2-Emmi Dolan, B-Adam Dolce.

NBC Mixed 4X B: S-Misha Kiselev, 3-Claire Noble-Shriver, 2-John Fay, B-Lexi DeShaw.