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2017 CRASH-B SPRINTS: Aidan Novis and Katie Dolan Lead the Way for NBC

Boston/February 12: This was the 36th annual gathering for what has become the World Indoor Rowing Championship, otherwise known as the CRASH-B Sprints. While it is a competition among many different rowers for throughout the US and the world, it is ultimately a quest for each rower to get his/her best time with a very competitive atmosphere. Go to and you can find a short video link to the 2016 competition that gives you some idea as to what is it all about.

Aidan Novis and Kathleen Dolan were the leaders for the NBC and Bay View men and women rowers. Congratulations as well to Richard Gaitskell and Jean Lambert who were tops for our masters. (If there is anyone missing from the list below, let Albin know.)

As noted in on February 13, the CRASH-Bs “...were run against a backdrop of a chaotic weekend of weather in Boston, where the second blizzard in three days blew through outside BU's Agganis Arena during the competition. Fittingly for the time of year, even though the weather outside was frightful, the erging inside was, if perhaps not delightful, typically hard and fast.” The top racer for the Open Men was Polish National Team athlete Bartosz Zablocki in a time of 5:45, with second place Pavel Shurmei of Belarus finishing in 5:47.8. For the Open Women, Olena Buryak took top honors with 6:33.0, considerably faster than Australia’s Georgie Rowe’s time of 6:40.4. These rowers and more were definitely in the stratosphere of erg competition.

36th CRASH-B Sprints - Boston University - Agganis Arena Below are our NBC and BVA Results.

Congratulations to all!

Name Evt Description Time Place
Richard Gaitskell 38 Vet Men Heavy 50-54 07:30.4 35/41
Helen Bodell 58 Vet Wmn Heavy A 50-54 08:16.9 9/14
Eva Goodman 60 Vet Wmn Heavy B 55-59 08:28.0 8/17
Jean Lambert 61 Vet Wmn Light B 55-59 08:10.5 2/4
Kari O'Driscoll 80 Senior Wmn 40-49 08:42.2 35/39
Aidan Novis 82 Junior Men Heavy 07:19.0 125/156
Michael Kiselev 83 Junior Men Light 07:23.6 136/190
Kathleen Dolan 84 Junior Wmn Heavy 07:29.6 25/191
Porta Gaitskell 84 Junior Wmn Heavy 07:50.7 78/191
Jillian Lee (BVA) 84 Junior Wmn Heavy 07:59.4 107/191
Emma Vieten 84 Junior Wmn Heavy 08:13.0 131/191
Kate Rubino (BVA) 84 Junior Wmn Heavy 08:19.9 145/191
Chloe Michalopoulos (BVA) 84 Junior Wmn Heavy 08:40.3 175/191
Emily Dolan 85 Junior Wmn Light 08:23.6 68/106
Hannah Glucksman 85 Junior Wmn Light 08:36.3 78/106
Gaelyn Dwyer 85 Junior Wmn Light 09:03.8 96/106

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