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NBC Eight Wins at Seattle's Head of the Lake

November 6/Seattle, WA: A well-trained aggregation of NBC members and friends won the Men’s 50+ Eights at the Head of the Lake in Seattle with a winning time of 18:33.753 for the 3-mile distance, finishing 27.53 seconds ahead the Ancient Mariner Rowing Club, which is based out of the Pocock Rowing Center. The course starts on Lake Union, continues east through the Montlake Cut to Lake Washington and finishes near UW’s Conibear Shellhouse. There were 69 clubs participating in 68 Events with a total of 2,300 athletes. It is the largest fall rowing event on the West Coast. Congratulations to C-Kevin Shoop, S-Scott Whitney, 7-Eric Watne, 6-Roger Borggaard, 5-John Cotter, 4-Ed Ives, 3-Fred Schoch, 2-Eric Hagberg, B-Andy Washburn. Andy, Eric, John, and Scott were second in the 2014 and 2015 Men’s Masters 4X, so their experience on this course may have helped them win this year’s 8+ event.