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Within the Youth: 2 Golds, 1 Silver, 3 Bronze at New England HS & Jr. Championship

October 9/Worcester, MA: The combined Narragansett Boat Club and Bay View contingent did a great job today at this high school regatta held on Lake Quinsigamond which is wedged in between Worcester and Shrewsbury. The race distances were 2.5-mile for sweeps and 2.0 miles for sculling. In addition, the sweeps programs are divided by schools (HS) or clubs (Jr) whose rowers come from many different schools. Literally leading the way was the newly formed junior men’s quad which posted a time of 11:42.6. Not only did Cam Benavent, Charlie Markert, Max Eleftherio, and Jonathan Greenberg win by a significant margin, they also posted the fastest time of the day, outpacing all of the eights. This is an amalgam of scullers who have had two different coaches: Peter Wilhelm (Max and Jon) and Joan Brush (Cam and Charlie). They will be racing under Peter’s direction as a coxed quad at the Head of the Charles.

Our girls have their leaders as well. NBC’s Lucy Hamilton and Grace Fay easily won their race with a time of 14:16.7. They will also be racing at the HOCR. The next fastest boat was NBC’s Emma Vieten and Hannah Glucksman. Within the doubles competition, there was also a good showing by Jackson Mayer and Jack Stone who finished 3rd of 17. Aidan Novis and Adam Dolce placed fourth in the same event, improving upon their 2015 finish. Mihail Kiselev did a great job as well finishing 4th in the Men’s Junior 1X. Even though this was his first race, he started last and pushed his way toward the head of the pack. In the sweeps competition, the Narragansett 1st Varsity Eight finished 5th with a time of 18:48. St. Mary Academy – Bay View did very well, taking 3rd of 13 in the Women’s HS 1st Varsity Eights and 4th of 11 in the Women’s 1st Novice Fours. Congratulations to their coaches, Head Coach Brent Basso and Lindsey Sanford, his Assistant!

In most cases these scullers and rowers have been rowing throughout the year. They sustained their stamina and developed their technique on the indoor rowing machines in the winter, then returned to scull or row in the spring, and many also rowed through the summer. Mileage does make champions, but the champions develop if their work is done under good guidance from coaches. Many thanks to Peter Wilhelm, Lisa Evans, Joan Brush, and Amy Abbot who have been working with our competitive groups. This includes bringing this group of young women and men to this regatta. Congratulations, too, go to our parents who have given these young rowers the support they need to succeed.

The complete results for our NBC and BVA boats are listed below. If you wish to review all of the results from this regatta, Google HereNOW.








8:40 AM

Men's Jr/HS 4X NBC

B-Jonathan Greenberg, 2-Max Eleftherio, 3-Charlie Markert, S-Cameron Benavent


1st of 10


8:55 AM

Men's Jr/HS 2X 

NBC Jackson Mayer & Jack Stone


3rd of 17


8:55 AM

Men's Jr/HS 2X 

NBC Aidan Novis & Adam Dolce


4th of 17


9:00 AM

Women's Jr/HS 2X 

NBC Lucy Hamilton & Grace Fay


1st of 14


9:00 AM

Women's Jr/HS 2X 

NBC Emma Vietan & Hannah Glucksman


2nd of 14


9:10 AM

Men's Jr/HS 1X

NBC Mihail Kiselev


4th of 23


9:20 AM

Women's Jr/HS 1X 

NBC Katie Dolan


3rd of 4


9:20 AM

Women's Jr/HS 1X 

NBC Emily Dolan


4th of 4


10:20 AM

Women's Jr/HS 1st Novice 8+ BVA

B-Jayla Wilson, 2-Isabelle Cruz, 3-Elise Dzotell, 4-Kristine Moore, 5-Zoe Berreira, 6-Isabelle Almisano, 7-Ava Nyman, S-Isabella DiSalvo, C-Emme Conley


16th of 22


10:50 AM

Women's Jr/HS 1st Novice 4+ BVA

B-Hunter Grenier, 2-Brooke Mattos, 3-Kathrine Keating, S-Elizabeth Morris, C-Hannah Nadeau


4th of 11


1:25 PM

Women's HS 1st Varsity BVA

B-Julia Medeiros, 2-Chloe Michalopolos, 3-Abby Kuzman, 4-Kaitlin Brannon, 5-Maddie D'Ambra, 6-CyAnne Mitchell, 7-Jillian Lee, S-Kate Rubino, C-Caitlyn Federico


3rd of 13


1:25 PM

Women's Jr 1st Varsity NBC

B-Caroline Esposito, 2-Gaelyn Dwyer, 3-Anna Brousseau, 4-M. Anderson, 5-Hannah Glucksman, 6-Grace Fay, 7-Fiona Eves, S-Emma Vieten, C-Daniella Pedro


5th of 9


1:35 PM

Women's HS 2nd Varsity 8+ BVA

B-Vicie Arpander, 2-Paris Bastia, 3-Taylor Bauer, 4-Trin Bauer, 5-Grace Hamel, 6-Chloe Watson, 7-Hannah Packhem, S-Catherine Donnelly, C-Casey David


6th of 11