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2016 Firebee Sprints: High Humidity & Fierce Competition

Providence/August 11th: The Firebee Sprints is the finishing touch to Youth Summer classes at the Narragansett Boat Club. On one of the most hot & humid days of this summer, Singles, Doubles, and large team boats raced over 1000 meters; zephyrs raced within 500 meters. There was tight competition in the Girls’ B Singles (Event #4) where all five boats finished within less than a second of each other, with a 6-second margin between 1st and 5th place. The officials were highly impressed by the competitors’ powerful technique and the superb steering. Due to some unexpected scratches in the Adult Zephyrs (Event #5), Q Kellogg took the gold, racing herself to the finish line with a time 3:03.6 over the 500m course. Due to schedule conflicts Girls Double, Jillian Lee & Cyanne Mitchell raced expertly in the Boys’ A Singles race (Event #6) taking second place. During the Grand Finale-Event #7, there was extremely tight competition between the all six boats as they all charged down the finish line neck in neck with a tie for 3rd place. See the full results below.

Many thanks to our NBC Youth coaches (Annie Madeiros, Hannah Fitts, Laura Rand, Peter McKendall, and Joan Brush) and to our Adult Program Coaches (Joan Brush, Amy Abbott, Rick Richards, Jill Hubbard, Emi Marchetti, Tony Palms, Scott Whitney, & Kristin San Bento) who assisted with the regatta and prepared our scullers for this event and taught the finer points of rowing to many others who did not race. 

Thanks also to our volunteer officials who effectively shepherded our scullers off the dock, down the course and back in. We appreciate all of their hard work setting up and allowing for a fun and safe evening: Laura Rand, Dock Master; Chris Riley, Dock Assistant; Tony Palms, Starter; Emi Marchetti, Finish Judge; Trish Straube, Finish Line Flagger; Amy Abbott, Following Official, and John Balletto, Launch Driver; Anne Fleet, Following Official and Annie Madeiros, Driver; Andy Washburn, Following Official, and Hannah Fitts, Driver.

And a big thank you to Emi Marchetti, our Assistant Registrar, who composed the racing program and organized the entire event. All of the scullers who finished in the top three places won our special Firebee Sprints medals. Fourth, fifth & sixth place received special “vintage” NBC Firebee pins from 2007. In addition, as part of this year’s program many scullers also received a special NBC Certificate of Achievement for rowing in the Peinert Zephyrs or the Peinert X25/26.

Here are the official results:

1. Youth Mixed Doubles: 1st Tavish & Griffin Lesica, 3:51.2, 2nd Logan Rinaldi & Adam Dolce.

2. Youth Zephyrs: 1st Brooke Mattos, 3:00.0; 2nd Paris Bastia; 3rd Eunice Gao; 4th Louisa Bay; 5th Madeline Kinney.

3. Adult Dolphins & Trainers: 1st John Kennedy, 5:44.0; 2nd Alex Klufas.

4. Girls’ B Singles: 1st Margaret Czech, 5:01.39; 2nd Logan Rinaldi; 3rd Hannah Glucksman; 4th Chloe Watson; 5th Mackenzie Riley.

5. Adult Zephyrs: 1st Q Kellogg, 3:03.6.

6. Boys’ A Singles: 1st Jackson Mayer, 4:06.54; 2nd Jillian Lee & Cyanne Mitchell; 3rd Adam Dolce.

7. Open Sweeps & Quads: 

1st Mixed Adult 4x (B-Layne Mayer, 2-Stephanie Isenberg, 3-Kristin Gennuso, S-Matthew Gennuso) 4:18.4

2nd Women’s Master 8+ (B-Rachel Shiefen, 2- Suzannah Rutherford, 3-Diana Hassel, 4-Helen Bodell, 5-Maureen Daniels, 6-Alanna Green, 7-Lynn Curtis, 8-Colleen McCarthy, C-Lambert Li)

3rd Women’s Master 4x (B-Jennifer Sloan, 2-Margie Butler, 3-Jean Lambert, 4-Susan Fasse)

3rd Women’s Master 4x (B-Janice Powers, 2-Amy Cohen, 3-Anne Hird, 4-Fusun Gundogan)

4th Youth 4+ (B-Hannah Glucksman, 2-Mackenzie Riley, 3-Margaret Czech, 4-Emma Vietan, C-Logan Rinaldi)

5th Women’s Master 4+ (B-Pamela Vogel, 2-Q Kellogg, 3-Barbara Link, 4-Ginny Brett, C-Kass Hoffman)