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Tight Competition Highlights Cord Grass Sprints

Providence/July 17: The Cord Grass Sprints is the finishing touch to Youth Summer 1 at the Narragansett Boat Club. Singles, Doubles, and large team boats raced over 1000 meters; zephyrs raced within 400 meters. There was tight competition in the Girls’ Doubles (Event #3) where the margin between boats was less than three seconds. In the Girls’ B Singles (Event #5), Amick Sollenberger finished less than a half second ahead of Bella Marasco. During the Grand Finale-Event #9, there was extremely tight competition between the 1st and 2nd place finishers with the younger scullers pushing ahead in the last ten strokes. See the actual results below.

Many thanks to our NBC coaches (Annie Madeiros, Hannah Fitts, Laura Rand, Peter McKendall, and Scott Whitney) who assisted with the regatta and prepared our scullers for this event and taught the finer points of rowing to many others who did not race. Thanks also to our volunteer officials (Kit Wise, Amy Abbot, Rick Richards, Fran O’Donnell, John Baletto) who effectively shepherded our scullers down the course. And a big thank you to Emi Marchetti, our Assistant Registrar, who composed the racing program and organized the entire event. All of the scullers who finished in the top three places won our special Cord Grass Sprints medals. In addition, as part of this year’s program many scullers also received a special NBC Certificate of Achievement for rowing in the Peinert Zephyrs or the Peinert X25/26.

Here are the official results:

  1. Boys’ A Singles: 1st Jackson Mayer, 4:22.0, 2nd Aidan Novis; 3rd Logan Smith; 4th John Kennedy.
  2. Boys’ B Singles: 1st Jack Stone, 4:33.66; 2nd John Barlow; 3rd Aidan Ocampo.
  3. Girls’ Doubles: 1st Delaney Bernier & Mia Matarese, 4:18.1; 2nd Portia Gaitskell & Emma Vietan; 3rd Alison Gorriaran & Faye Thompson; 4th Hannah Glucksman & Margaret Czech.
  4. Youth Zephyrs: 1st Andrew Lee, 2:47.4; 2nd Lucien Gaitskell; 3rd William Hassett; 4th Connor O’Neal.
  5. Girls’ B Singles: 1st Amick Sollenberger, 5:02.6; 2nd Bella Marasco; 3rd Logan Rinaldi; 4th Julie Lancia; 5th Alexandra Klufas.
  6. Girls’ A Singles: 1st Katie Healy, 4:33.7; 2nd Alexandra DeShaw; 3rd Margaret Czech; 4th Faye Thompson.
  7. Adult Zephyrs: 1st Kari O’Driscoll, 3:02.1; 2nd Malcolm Starr.
  8. Boys’ Doubles: 1st Max Eleftherio, 3:45.31; 2nd Jackson Mayer & Jack Stone; DNF Tavish Lesica & Griffin Lesica (Broken Oar).
  9. Open Sweeps & Quads: 1st Girls’ Quad, 3:55.3 (B-Alison Gorriaran, 2-Delaney Bernier, 3-Mia Matarese, S-Portia Gaitskell); 2nd Women’s Master 4X, 4:04.0 (B-Jennifer Sloan, 2-Ann Hird, 3-Jean Lambert; S-Susan Faasse); 3rd Women’s Master 8+, 4:23 (B-Bev Erich, 2-Diana Hassel, 3-Barbara Krementz, 4-Constance Chang, 5-Maureen Daniels, 6-Alanna Green, 7-Lynn Curtis, S-Collen McCarthy, C-Casey David); 4th Master 4X 5:05.0 (B-Janice Powers, 2-Stephanie Isenberg, 3-Amy Cohen, S-Fusun Gundogan); 5th Masters 4+, 5:25 (B-Pamela Vogel, 2-Carol Goetz, 3-Q Kellogg, S-Ginny Brett).