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RIIRegatta: Rowers Rise Above the Waves

Providence/May 18: Racing conditions for the 9th Annual RI Interscholastic Regatta were consistent with the way the spring has gone. High winds and big rollers. But, our youth scullers were undaunted by the conditions since they have been rowing in them all spring. At least it was warm and everybody had a really good time. Lisa Evans, Regatta Director and coach wrote to the volunteers: “I can't thank you enough for helping to get 66 kids down the race course today! It's great having a group of volunteers who take charge with little instruction. Everything ran on time, there were no mishaps and all the participants and their families seemed happy. Two of the boys who raced 1500m in the zephyrs said it was the hardest thing they've ever done. (And they play hockey and soccer!)”

The results as listed below speak for themselves. The Boys Single was the closest race of the day. Max Eleftherio had a five second lead over second place Johnathan Greenberg. NBC RIIRegatta medals were awarded.

Many thanks to these volunteers who helped make this event happen: On the dock- Lisa Evans and Harrison Snow; Results Coordinators-Francesca Dow, Joan Richards, & Ruth Berenson; Starter and Driver-Kit Wise & John Duke; Following Referees, Drivers, and Marshalls- Pete Evans & Rishi Patel; Joan Brush & Charlie Whitin; Jill Hubbard & Fran O'Donnell; Amy Abbot & Scott Whitney; Rick Richards who followed the zephyrs to the starting line.


Official Results: 4:00 Zephyrs C (1000m): 1. Kinara Gaspar, 6:32.04; 2. Nora Sokol; 3. Zena Tadmouri. 4:10 Boys 2X (1500m): 1. Cam Benavent & Charlie Markert, 6:02.5; 2. Tavish Lesica & Griffin Lesica; 3. Michael Kiselev & Jack Silver. 4:20 Girls 4+ (1500m): 1. Bay View, 7:21 (S-Paige Noland, 3-Aleksa Bjornson, 2-Anja Bjornson, B-Julia Medeiros, C-Annie Madeiros); 2. NBC (Daniela Pedro, C; S-Emma Vieten; 3-Issy Fleet; 2-Fiona Eves; B-Anna Brousseau). 4:30 Zephyrs B (1000m): 1. Phoebe Roberts, 6:56.61; 2. Celeste Derry; 3. Bea Medina; 4. Bella Littlefield. 4:40 Girls 2X (1500m): 1. NBC (Ellie Hamilton & Grace Fay); 2. BVA (Jillian Lee & CyAnne Mitchell). 4:50 Boys 1X (1500m): 1. Max Eleftherio, 8:04; 2. Jonathan Greenberg; 3. Ian Sullivan; 4. Cam Kielty; 5. Michael Kiselev; DNF Griffin Lesica; DNF Tavish Lesica. 5:00 Zephyrs A (1000m): 1. Connor Bitterman, 10:23; 2. Brian Greene; 3. Will O’Toole. 5:10 Girls 8+/Boys 4X (1500m): 1. NBC Boys 4X (S-Charlie Markert, 3-Cam Benavent, 2-Adam Dolce, 3-Aidan Novis); 2. Bay View A 8+ (S-Kate Rubino, 7-Christina Liberto, 6-Abby Kuzman, 5-Maddie D’Ambra, 4-Kaitlin Brannon, 3-Hannah Packhem, 2-Chloe Michalopoulos, B-Vicky Arpander, C-Caitlyn Federico); 3. NBC 8+ (C-Lucy Shafman, S-Bel Harrington, 7-Izzy Moulds, 6-Fiona Eves, 5-Grace Newfield, 4-Jane Freiman, 3-Lily Fullman, 2-Alexandra Hopfenberg, B-Anna Brousseau); 4. Bay View B (S-Brooke DiDonato, 7-Grace Hamel, 6-Chloe Watson, 5-Anna Beaulieu, 4-Trin Bauer, 3-Taylor Bauer, 2-Hannah Nadeau, B-Alexa Beer, C-Casey David).