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NBC Rowers and Scullers Weather The Storm at Lowell

Merrimack River/October 4: It was a wild day on this course going 3.5 miles with the current at the Textile River Regatta. Unfortunately, half of program was cancelled due to totally deteriorated conditions. But before that, there were a number of NBC competitors who raced and did well:

#5. Men’s Club 2X: 1st Eric Watne & Partner. #16. Women’s Jr. Varsity 8+: 8th St. Mary Academy – Bay View (Sarah Underwood and More); 11th NBC (Georgia Jones and More). #17. Women’s Club 8+: 13th NBC (Gerri Schiffman and More). #19. Men’s Club 1X: 1st Evan Johnson. #20. Women’s Club 1X: 4th Gayle Simmons; 5th Joan Martin. #25. Men’s Jr. JV 8+: 9th NBC (Tadgh Daly and More). #28. Women’s Junior JV 8+: 9th St. Mary Academy – Bay View. 30. Men’s Jr. Varsity 1X: 2nd Cameron Kielty.

Cancelled: #36. Mixed Club 4X (Gayle Simmons and More). #45. Women’s Jr. Novice 8+: St. Mary Academy – Bay View. (Brooke DiDonato and More). #52. Men’s Jr. Novice 2X: Adam Dolce and Aidan Novis. #54. Men’s Open 2-: Isaac Mocarski & J. Mallen. 56. Women’s Jr. Novice 4+: NBC.

Many thanks to Lisa Evans, Amy Abbot, Joan Brush, Brent Basso, parents, and others who made this trip possible. To say the least, it was a major test of character, determination, and a love for rowing (and our kids).

You can find the complete results for the Textile River Regatta on their website. Many team boat lineups above are nonexistent. If you know who rowed in the team boats, please email a note to Albin. Thanks.