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Andy, Mike, Dan, Tracy, and Alden Take Gold at Masters Nationals

Camden, NJ/August 13-14: In all there were 2024 masters from 149 clubs registered for this year's extravaganza, most of which were vying to win medals in at least six events, the race limit set by USRowing. The result was a regatta that ran 1K races at 4 minute centers on most days from 7:30 AM-6:50 PM with a 45 minute break in the middle of each day. You can find the specific results by going to the USRowing website.

Among the small contingent of NBC scullers who made the trek, Andy Washburn and Mike Smith were the leaders with three gold medals each. Andy took gold in the Mixed F 2X (with Margarita Zezza), Men's Open H 2X (with Carlo Zezza), and the Mixed F 4X (with Carlo, Margarita, and Tracy Glover). The Zezzas are members of the Cambridge Boat Club. Mike to gold in the Men's Open D 1X, Open C 1X, and Open D 2X (with Dan Gorriaran). Dan Gorriaran won another gold medal as a member of the Mixed D Open 4X comprised of Alden Bumstead, Carin Reynolds, Russell Cone, and Dan. Carin rows with Upper Valley and Russ with Cambridge.

Other NBC scullers were in some exciting races. Jeff Brock and Sandy Killen placed fourth in the Mens C Open 2X which was a barnburner: 1st Texas 3:24.402; 2nd Severn, 3:24.470; 3rd Wilmington, 3:24.876; 4th NBC/GMS, 3:25.266 (Jeff Brock and Scott Killen); 5th Saratoga, 3:47.358; 6th CRI, 3:49.830. The Women's Open C 2X had its own race within a race: 1st Maritime, 3:45.363; 2nd NBC/Upper Valley, 3:49.596 (Tracy Glover and Carin Reynolds); 3rd NBC (Alden Bumstead and Sarah Cussler), 3:49.671; 4th Chinook, 4:01.508; 5th Avalon, 4:52.608. Tracy and Carin placed fifth in the final; Alden and Sarah, though very close, did not qualify for the final.

In 2016 the Masters Nationals will return to Worcester's Lake Quinsigamond. No doubt there will be many more NBC?ers entering the fray with yet another 2000 competitors.