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Providence/ July 16: Thank you all for attending the races last night. Thank you to those who brought food as well. It was a fantastic turn out! Unlike our morning row, the capricious Seekonk was flat and peaceful Thursday evening- perfect racing conditions. Our rowers gracefully cruised down the course with little to no hiccups, leading to powerful racing for all.

All of our racers have been taking the summer classes building power, skill and speed preparing them for a successful race. For some of our students they have been rowing with us for many years, for others this was their first race. Congratulations to all; every finish, no matter what you placed is a personal success. Below are the results, for those of you who missed the Closing Ceremony. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday for Youth Session 2 and the last 2 weeks of the Adult Sessions.

Also a big thanks to our coaches & volunteers: Emi Marchetti, Dave Mercante, Grace Ryan, Isaac Mocarski, Laura Rand, Amy Abbott, Jill Hubbard, Joan Brush, Fran O’Donnell, Margie Butler & Artym Hayda.

Thank you again for all your support for the Narragansett Boat Club and our wonderful rowers!

Youth 2X: 1st Boys Zach Lynch & Jacob Brower, 4:09.53; 1st Girls Emily Elder & Laura Davison, 4:44. Boys’ B 1X: Tavish Lesica, 4:30.7; 2nd Logan Smith. Youth Zephyrs: 1stGriffin Lesica, 2:33.4; 2nd Emma Vieten; 3rd Larissa Klufas. Boys’ A 1X: 1stNoah Fiske, 4:00.53; 2nd Zach Lynch; 3rd Stephen Shannon; 4th Ian Sullivan; 5th Aidan Novis. Girls’ 1X: 1stGeorgia Jones, 4:32.2; 2nd Hannah Glucksman; 3rd Alexandra Hopfenburg; 4th Izzy Moulds; 4th Kate Ladstatter; 5th Delaney Bernier. Adult Zephyrs: 1stHannah Lee, 2:43.58; 2nd John Fenimore, 2:49.0; 3rd Elizabeth Ochs; 4th Pat Watson. Adult Dolphins, 26s, & X25s: 1stGryte Sanjas- 4:40.3; 2nd Hakon Heimer; 3rd Jen Vincente; 4th John Kennedy; 5th Julie Chojnowski. Open Sweeps & Quads: 1stYouth 4X 3:56.2; 2nd Youth 8+, 3rd  Adult 8+.