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NBC Youth Scullers Win Three National Titles

Sarasota-Bradenton, FL/June 14: Racing at the USRowing Youth National Championships, scullers coached by Peter Wilhelm have won the Women’s Singles, Women’s Doubles and Men’s Lightweight Doubles. Emily Kallfelz started off the gold medal runs with her race in the Women’s Singles. She was in 4th place just after the start, but settled down to her base stroke of 32 and then took the lead at the 500 meter mark. Emily then continued to pull away from second place Elise Beuke to finish the race with a three length lead. She then returned to the dock, took in some water, and very soon launched her boat to get ready for the Women’s Doubles. Brigid Kennedy was also in the Women’s Singles race. A lightweight sculler and still only 16 years old, she finished with a strong 5h place.

In the Men’s Singles events, Peter McKendall, racing in the C Final, rowed a measured pace of 30-32 strokes for most of his race, rowing within the pack of scullers, but saved the best for last with a burst of high stroking in the last 500 meters to finish second, a half-length out of first. In the A Final of the Men’s Singles Jack Luby was in 4th place throughout most of his race and finished with his own high-stroking sprint at the end, but it was not enough to catch the third place sculler for a medal.

Less than forty minutes after Emily had finished her singles race, it was now time for her to race down the course with her sister Eliza in the Women’s Doubles. As expected Y Quad Cities was first off the line and took the lead at 250 meters. But their high stroking was not fast enough to hold off the Kallfelz Sisters who once again settled down to a long, strong 32 strokes per minute. By the time they reached 750 meters, Emily and Eliza had over a length lead and then continued to extend the distance throughout the race, winning the race by more than two lengths ahead of Y Quad Cities. It was another gold medal for a Narragansett Boat Club. It was the second gold medal for Emily in a little more than one hour.

It was now time for Men’s Lightweight Doubles, Artym Hayda and Toby Satterthwaite, to take their last row down the 2000 meter course at Nathan Benderson Park. Miami took the lead off the line, but the Narragansett double was close behind rowing at a 40. Soon they settled down to 37, moved through Miami, to lead by a length at 700 meters. By the time Artym and Toby crossed the 1000 meter mark they extended their lead to 1 ¾ lengths. They finished with their own sprint at 40 to take the gold by a little more than four seconds.

Congratulations to all of the scullers, their families, and Peter Wilhelm. All are members of the Narragansett Boat Club. Even though the Kallfelz sisters did a good deal of their training in Newport, they did their on-the-water rowing on the Seekonk with Peter and the other scullers.

1F1. 8:15 AM Women’s Youth 1X A Final: 1st Emily Kallfelz (NBC), 8:10.011; 2nd Elise Beuke (Olympic Peninsula), 8:19.368; 3rd Isabella Strickler (Detroit), 8:21.124; 4th Shelby Johnson (Capital), 8:28.214; 5 Brigid Kennedy (NBC), 8:32.740; 6th Sarah Rogers (Unaff.), 8:39.442.

2F3. 8:22 AM Men’s Youth 1X C Final: 1st: Andreas Berghella (Germantown Friends), 7:39.904; 2nd Peter McKendall (NBC), 7:40.603; 3rd Spencer Kanel (Los Gatos), 7:41.434; 4th Luke Sendelbach (Orange County), 7:46.662; 5th Evan Goffena (Willamette), 7:48.006; 6th Emory Sammons (Saratoga), 7:49.770.

2F1. 8:37 AM Men’s Youth 1X A Final: 1st Andrew Morley (Seattle), 7:20.536; 2nd Sam O’Brien (Tampa), 7:26.609; 3rd Hector Formoso-Murias (Belen Jesuit), 7:27.926; 4th Jack Luby (NBC), 7:31.381; 5th James Palmer (Rye), 7:36.729; 6th John Puzz (Parati), 7:54.404.

4F1. 9:21 AM Women’s Youth 2X A Final: 1st NBC (Emily and Eliza Kallfelz), 7:26.648; 2nd Y Quad Cities, 7:34.407; 3rd California Yacht, 7:46.289; 4th Seattle, 7:47.164 ; 5th Newport, 7:50.929; 6th ROOCS, 8:00.969.

5F1. 9:43 AM Men’s Lightweight 2X A Final: 1st NBC (Artym Hayda and Toby Satterthwaite), 6:59.637; 2nd Austin, 7:04.162; 3rd New Canaan, 7:04.335; 4th San Diego, 7:11.489; 5th Miami, 7:12.594; 6th SRC, 7:20.494.