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Ever Since 1838

NBC Summer Solstice Party Christens The Newest Eight and Honors NBC's Major Mileage Makers

June 20/Providence: Thanks to the organizational wizardry and skills of Kim Worrell and the culinary contributions and beverages of the members, the Boat Club had an elegant, but informal gathering to celebrate the final arrival of summer. There was a magnificent turnout of members and friends. In addition to having a major tug of war that included an incredible age span within the two teams, members of the club took a moment to officially christen the Catherine McAuley, our newest Vespoli eight which came about through a fundraising effort inspired by the parents and friends of St. Mary Academy - Bay View as well as contributions from members of the Narragansett Boat Club. Former Bay View Coach Albin Moser spoke on behalf of the Bay View community and the Boat Club. Daniela Roop, Bay View's Assistant Coach for several years, did the honors distributing a gallon of Seekonk River water from the bow to the stern. Catherine McAuley founded the Sisters of Mercy in Ireland in 1831 as a religious congregation committed to serving those in need. Bay View had the honor of bestowing Sister McAuley's name on the shell.

The major highlight of the evening was the crystal globe awards for those NBC scullers who reached major milestones in terms of lifetime mileage. Dan Gorriaran delivered the news with his usual vigor and panache. There were fourteen members in all: Gerri Schiffman (20,009), Mitch Berkson (21,842),Tracy Glover (21,971), Joan Richards (22,046), Carol Browning (22,061),Andy Washburn (22,500), Ira Garber (23,550), Howard Kilguss (24,600),Robin Gross (25,081), Jim Devol (27,000), Dick Green (27,639), Barbara Green (30, 355), Dan Gorriaran (36,355), and Peter Gross (37,760) as the total lifetime mileage maker. Peter reflected with enthusiasm on the task of doing his mileage research which took him all the way back to his high school years at Moses Brown School. Each of these scullers received a special crystal globe that actually spins with the simple stroke of a finger.