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NBC Scholastic Girls Sweep RI Regatta

Providence/May 15: Since we advanced the date of the Rhode Island Interscholastic Regatta to Thursday, this is the first year of many that we had all three of our NBC-based programs competing in this event. This year we had only one entry from East Bay Rowing. All of the sweeps races were 1500 meters, rowing into a decent chop and against the incoming tide. Since the water was very rough at the 1500 meter mark, all of the advanced sculling races were shortened to 1000 meters. The zephyrs rowed the traditional distance from Buoy #7 to the finish.

This is the first year that NBC Scholastic took first place in the girls’ eights event with a 12.3 second lead over Bay View’s First Varsity. In fact this is the first year that NBC Scholastic has won all of the girls’ sweeps events. Among the closest races of the day were NBC’s Rishi Patel and David Cabatingan’s .81 second win over the East Bay Rowing Pair without coxswain. This was a great statement for both boats, since they rowed into a moderate chop in one of the most sensitive and difficult boats to balance and coordinate. Another close race was in the Zephyrs B where Izzy Moulds also finished less than one second ahead of Grace Newfield. The complete results for all of the races are noted below. Congratulations to all of our scullers and rowers who did a great job handling the conditions and displaying excellent sportsmanship. The winners received a special RIIRegatta medal created and produced by HookFast, Inc.

Many thanks to Lisa Evans Regatta Director and Coach of the NBC girls. Thanks as well to our other NBC Scholastic coaches: <Amy Abbot, Joan Brush, Kristin San Bento, Fran O'Donnell, Rick Richards, Charlie Whiten, and Jill Hubbard Thanks, too, to our regatta volunteers (Lucy Carlisle, M.J. Haronian, Anthony Hayward, Rosemary McMahon, Sharon Cutts, Andrea Arena, Joan Richards) who assisted as regatta support personnel and drivers for the motorboats. Many thanks, too, to Brent Basso and Daniela Roop, coaches of Bay View. Thanks as well to David Mercante, Duncan Stiller, and Tony Palms, coaches of the Lincoln School Crews. All three programs have done a great job in sharing the space in the boathouse, on the dock, and on the water. Best wishes to Bay View and Lincoln, who will be racing in the NEIRA Championships next week!

8th Annual Rhode Island Interscholastic Regatta Results: 

  1. Zephyrs C: 1st Sarah Ross, 6:18.77; 2nd Lily Anna Fullam; 3rd Jack Raydfen. 
  2. Boys 2-: 1st Rishi Patel and David Cabatingan, NBC, 8:40.12; 2nd East Bay Rowing. 
  3. Novice Girls Four with Coxswain: 1st NBC Scholastic (C-Katherine Hofmann, S-Ellie Hamilton, 3-Ava Lamoureaux, B-Bel Harrington), 8:17.45; 2nd Bay View; 3rd Lincoln A; 4th Lincoln B. 
  4. Zephyrs B: 1st Izzy Moulds, 4:23.28; 2nd Grace Newfield; 3rd Sophia Canepari; 4th Delaney Bernier. 
  5. Girls’ Singles: 1st Alexandra Hopfenberg, 7:20.30; 2nd Nellie Harvey. 
  6. Varsity Girls Four with Coxswain: 1st NBC Scholastic (C-Katherine Hofmann, S-Rachel Balcom, 3-Annie Hutchings, 2-Grace Fay, B-Lucy Hamilton), 7:03.69; 2nd Lincoln A; 3rd Bay View A; 4th Lincoln B; 5th Lincoln C. 
  7. Zephyrs A: 1st Jack Stone, 4:19.72; 2nd Lucian Fairbrother; 3rd Sarah Ocampo; 4th Laila Mirza. 
  8. Boys’ Singles: 1st Max Eleftherio, 5:10.31; 2nd Jonathan Greenberg. Jack Silver, 6:53.42, also received a medal for the Intermediate Singles. 
  9. Varsity Eights: 1st NBC Boys [C-Julie Gupta, S-Cameron Kielty, 7-Charlie Markart, 6-Tadgh Daly, 5- 4-Laurel Branco, 3-Jacob Nakshian, 2-Noah Prizant, B-Aidan Novis], 6:13.40; 1st NBC Girls [C-Katherine Hofmann, S-Katie Lowis, 7-Lucy Hamilton, 6-Rachel Balcom, 5-Annie Hutchings, 4-Grace Fay, 3-Ava Lamoureaus (Novice), 2-Brianna Petit, B-Anna Brousseau (Novice)], 6:31.19; 2nd Bay View A; 3rd Bay View B.