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Brigid Kennedy Wins Combo Event in Florida

Sarasota, FL/November 15: While our NBC Masters were enjoying a 20-mile “long row” in New Hampshire, Brigid Kennedy took advantage of a short trip to Florida to enter the Duathlon at the Bend held on the brand new 2000m race course at Nathan Benderson Park here in Sarasota. This was a combination 5K row and 5K run event where the rowers’ times started as soon as they stepped on the dock and continued until they finished their row and brought their equipment back to the dock with the boat in the slings. Once the equipment was secure, they took off for their 5K run. Brigid, who has been rowing with Peter Wilhelm's scullers, took first overall in youth individual competition with a total time of 50:19 (28:58 Row/21:22 Run), a full 34 seconds ahead of second place Tess Dilan from Sarasota. Brigid, who has been doing very well throughout 2014, had the fastest time in both running and rowing. You can find the rest of the results by logging on to RegattaCentral.

Most of the competitors were from Sarasota Crew. Many had gone to the nationals earlier this year. “Sarasota crew could not have been nicer as they loaned Brigid a boat and oars and invited her to their practice on Sunday,” reported Marianne Kennedy, Brigid’s proud mom. Nathan Benderson Park is the venue for the 2017 FISA Rowing World Championships.