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Firebee Sprints Features Many Tight Races

Providence, RI/August 14: Many close finishes were the highlight for this regatta and, as always, lots of good rowing. The afternoon got underway with the Boys’ B Singles and intense battle between Chase Penhallurich and Zach Lynch. Both were stroke for stroke with their bows almost even when Zach caught a crab and flipped. The Youth Doubles were not so close. The high stroking combination of Georgia Jones and Hannah Fitts won by at least two lengths. The Youth Zephyrs was won by Natasha Gorriaran who nosed out East Bay’s Colby Dunlop. Also entered in the race was Natasha’s brother Maximillian Gorriaran who moved out on the field as he rowed his Peinert Training Single to be the overall winner for this race.

Georgia Jones continued her high-stroking ways in the Girls’ B Singles. Brown’s Nicki Driscoll was the class of the field in the Girls’ A Singles. Brigid Kennedy was the junior rower winner in the same event. In this case the close competition was between Hannah Fitts and Laura Poulton who finished 3rd and 4th respectively. One of the major events for the day was the Adult Zephyrs. We had eight entries and all eight raced. It was a close finish for Alanna Green. Many thanks to the strong representation of four rowers from East Bay: Joan Warren, Debbie Isdale, Julie Norman, and Rebecca Schneider.

In the Men’s B Singles the juniors carried the day with Theo Goldstein outlasting Noah Fiske and Shailen Sampath with all three separated by no more than a few feet. The Grand Finale was our mixed shell race which pitted three eights against two junior doubles. The doubles jumped out to an early lead, but the eights slowly gained momentum with a spirited sprint from stroke Liam Kelly.

A big thank you to all who made this event possible: Emi Marchetti who took the phone calls, organized the schedule, and coordinated the volunteers; coaches Dave Mercante, Eric Esposito, Laura Rand, and Alice Murray. Grace Ryan was outstanding as well, but could not attend this final event. Our drivers and referees were instrumental in keeping the program on schedule and assuring safe racing conditions Amy Abbot, Lynn McCracken, Jill Hubbard, Deb Sullivan, and Patrick Sullivan. Deb and Pat are the founders of Barrington’s East Bay Rowing. We also almost took it for granted that the water for this regatta was, once again, absolutely flat.

Here are the complete results: #1. Boys’ B Racing Singles: 1st Chase Penhallurich, 3:53; 2nd Aiden Novis; 3rd Nathan Gorriaran; 4th Zach Lynch. #2. Youth Doubles: 1st Hannah Fitts and Georgia Jones, 4:08.68; 2nd Paige Mattos and Olivia Harwood; 3rd Laura Poulton and Erin Devin; 4th Maria Iannotti and Gina Vestuti. #3. Youth Zephyrs: 1st Maximillian Gorriaran; 2:37; 1st Natasha Gorriaran; 2nd Colby Dunlop (EBR); 3rd Taylor Bauer. #4. Girls’ B Singles: 1st Georgia Jones, 5:04.50; 2nd Erin Devin; 3rd Laura Davison. #5. Girls’ A Singles: 1st Nicki Driscoll, 4:36.30; 1st Brigid Kennedy; 2nd Hannah Fitts; 3rd Laura Poulton; 4th Maria Iannotti. #6. Adult Zephyrs: 1st Alanna Green, 3:00.87; Joan Warren (EBR), Debbie Isdale (EBR), Julie Norman (EBR), Rebecca Schneider (EBR), Hakon Heimer, John Kennedy, Sherri Nelson. #7. Men’s B Singles: 1st Theo Goldstein, 4:09.53; 2nd Noah Fiske; 3rd Shailen Sampath; 4th Nick Pasterino; 5th Tim Knight. #8. Open Sweeps & Doubles: 1st Dave’s Youth 8+ A, 3:41.96 (B-Abby Dolan, 2-Cyanne Mitchell, 3-Catherine Donnelly, 4-Brooke DiDonato, 5-Zach Lynch, 6-Gina Vestuti, 7-Paige Mattos, S-Liam Kelly, C-Alex Kulfiss), 2nd Dave’s Youth 8+ B (B-Laura Davison, 2-Maria Iannotti, 3-Chase Penhallurich, 4-Mary Hanna, 5-Aleksa Bjornson, 6-Georgia Jones, 7-Hannah Fitts, S-Laura Poulton, C-Tory Bauer), 3rd Shailen Sampath & Noah Fiske; 4th Theo Goldstein & Brigid Kennedy.