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Flat-Water On the Seekonk & Good Racing Highlight the Cord Grass Sprints

Providence/July 17: Thanks to the south wind that usually blows in the afternoon, the quality of the water is always a surprise this time it was absolutely flat water which helped all of our scullers. No flips. No collisions. Lots of good competition in the different events. The Cord Grass Sprints is our first of two summer program regattas. Each of these regattas gives everyone a chance to compete within a real regatta setting with races running within a timed schedule. Thanks to the officials, the drivers, the dock assistants, and our finish line crew, it all went very well. All races were on the Seekonk River Course. 500 meters for the adult zephyrs and 1000m for all others.

Many thanks and congratulations to our coaches who did a great job working with our groups throughout the past four weeks: Dave Mercante, Alice Murray, Chelsea Robin, Eric Esposito, Laura Rand, and Grace Ryan. Thanks, too, to Ricky Brightman for her work as Registrar, and to Emi Marchetti for her work as Assistant Registrar and organizer of the regatta. Thanks also to HookFast, Inc. who designed the special Cord Grass Sprints medals that were presented to the winners of each event. Thanks, too, to our referees and drivers: Amy Abbot, Kristin San Bento, Fran O’Donnell, Tony Palms, Rick Richards, Daniela Roop, and Isaac Mocarski.

Regatta Ripples: It was a family competition for the Browers who are summer visitors from Alexandria, VA...Jacob won the Boys' B Racing Singles and in the zephyrs sister Cecelia and mom Jennifer dispayed excellent form...Zach Lynch, a Bishop Hendricken student, took first in the Youth Zephyrs... Brigid Kennedy zoomed into first for the Girls' A Singles and kept on going...Paul Demers, who rowed for the Navy Crew many years ago took the honors in Adult Dolphin/Trainers...Dave's Youth 8+, a combination crew of boys and girls, won the grand finale ... Our masters rowers got into the spirit with a strong representation in the quad and the eight...Our officials did a flip--those who usually drive motorboats for regattas became the officials; our regular officials became the drivers...This is how we can develop even more officials for the future ... All races went off on time or early .... Three huge pizzas were totally consumed by the end of the regatta...Many thanks to all for bringing additionl munchies!

Here are the complete results: Adult Zephyrs raced 500m; all others 1000m. #1. Boys’ B Racing Singles: 1st Jacob Brower, 3:59.1, 2nd Jackson Mayer; 3rd Aidan Novis; 4th Nathan Gorriaran. #2. Youth Zephyrs-Flight 1: 1st Zach Lynch, 4:33.75; 2nd Amelia Griffin; 3rd Cecelia Brower; 4th Kate Rubino. #3. Boys’ A Racing Singles: 1st Toby Satterthwaite, 3:28.83; 2nd Noah Fiske; 3rd 2X Maria Iannotti & Jillian Lee; 4th Kieran McDonough; 5th Luke Demers. #5. Girls' B Singles: 1st Grace Fay, 4:25.41; 2nd Hannah Glucksman; 3rd Alexandra Hopfenberg. #6. Girls' A Singles: 1st Brigid Kennedy, 4:24.5; 2nd Maria Iannotti, 3rd Jillian Lee. #7. Adult Dolphin/Trainers: 1. Paul Demers, 4:55.9; 2nd Nicolette Driscoll; 3rd Carlin Kersch; 4th Michael Meneses; 5th Jennifer Sloan. #8A. Men’s Zephyrs: 1st Rich Adams, 2:36.4; 2nd Hakon Heimer; 3rd Bill Shannon. #8B. Women’s Zephyrs: 1st Catherine Browning, 2:46.5; 2nd Shelly Estep, 3rd Jennifer Bennett, 4th Jennifer Brower. #9. Open Sweeps & Quads: 1st Dave’s Youth 8+, 4:00.7 (B-Liam Casey, 2-Katie Healy, 3-Catie Boxler, 4-Laurel Branco, 5-Simon Balukonis, 6-Spencer Bartsch, 7-Luke Demers, Stroke-Rosemary McMahon, Coxswain-Kaitlyn Federico; 2nd Eric’s Girls’ 4X (Jillian Lee, Gina Vestuti, Maria Iannotti, Brigid Kennedy); 3rd Amy’s Women’s 8+(Bow-Michelle, Lavalle, 2-Janice Powers, 3-Bev Erich, 4-Lynn Curtis, 5-Margot Nishimura, 6-Laura Garrison, 7-Maureen Daniels, Stroke-Colleen McCarthy, Coxswain-Amy Abbot), 4th Tony’s 4X (Bow-Rick Richards, 2-Stephanie Isenberg, 3-Ruth Barenson, Stroke-Joan Richards). [Editor’s Note: If these last lineups do not reflect who was actually in each seat, please let Albin know. We can make adjustments to the story that is in the website. Thanks.]

We hope to see the return of these rowers and many more for the Firebee Sprints on August 14.