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Chase Buchholz Takes 6th Place at U23 World Championships

Varnese, Italy/July 26: Chase Buchholz has had quite a year. He rowed first boat with the Harvard Freshmen Crew and then decided to go out for the Under 23 National Team. He made the team in the straight four. After usual succession of heats and semi-finals, Chase's crew made it to the Final. Straight from the USRowing website, here are the results: "In the last race of the day, the U.S. men's four, who advanced with a third-place finish in Friday's semifinal, started out strong in the final, holding third place at the 1,000-meter mark. But by the 1,500-meter mark, Justin Murphy (Montclair, N.J.), Joseph Simon (West Bloomfield, Mich.), Kyle Peabody (LaGrange, N.Y.) and Chase Buchholz (Providence, RI) were overtaken by Spain and then Great Britain in the final sprint. The U.S. finished sixth with a time of 6:00.42." Congratulations to the USA Four! 6th is not what they wanted, but they made it into the A Final, which is still quite an achievement. Here are the times: 1. ITALY, 5:55.37; 2. GERMANY, 5:56.28; 3. RUMANIA, 5:57.19; 4. SPAIN, 5:59.63; 5. GREAT BRITAIN, 6:00.03; 6. UNITED STATES, 6:00.4.