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NBC Holds Regatta for Tabor, Brunswick, & Hingham

The races were scheduled for Lake Quinsigamond, but the it was still frozen over. Brunswick, Hingham, and Tabor went on a search for a venue and asked the NBC if they would lend a hand. As everyone knows, it takes more than a village to put on a regatta, even if it is only three races. Many thanks to spirit and expertise of everyone who pitched in to make this event a success.

A Big Thank You to: the members of Bay View’s Dolan Family (Claire, Matt, and Erin); NBC Members Gayle Simmons, Dave Lindquist, Daniela Roop, Rick Richards, Robin Gross, Rob English; and the different coaches from the three schools who followed the races in the Safety Launch and assisted at the Finish Line. Many thanks to the coxswains and crews who did a good job navigating the Seekonk. Thanks, too, to the Seekonk River gods who gave us flat water.

Results for April 6, 2014 - Boys 3V: 1st Brunswick, 5:21.0; 2nd Tabor, 5:42.7 Boys 2V: 1st. Brunswick, 4:59.21; 2nd Tabor, 5:11.81; 3rd Hingham, 5:24.63 Boys 1V: 1st Brunswick, 4:39.10; 2nd Hingham, 4:45.03; 3rd Tabor, 4:50.97 Racing Conditions: Flat water, crews rowed against an incoming tide, slight crossswind in the middle of the course.