America's Oldest Rowing Club
Ever Since 1838

NBC Celebrates the 176th Anniversary

East Providence/Agawam Hunt Club: With 80 attendees actively participating in the “scaled-down” gala, the Boat Club had another excellent celebration orchestrated by Kim Worrell, our Master Planner of outstanding social affairs. She was aided by an equally nimble and enthusiastic group of friends: M-J Haronian, Francesca Dow, Wendyll Brown, Colleen McCarthy, Gayle Simmons, and Sandi McLeod. This was a wonderful evening complete with a special unveiling of the new NBC logo, presented in a beautiful ice carving, a photo booth, a fire pit, and a great dancing band with well-polished vocals.  

The excellent dinner was punctuated with a special auction that led to incredible bidding for a number of choice items. The result should be total satisfaction for the winners of the auction and assuredly a modest increase to the coffers of the NBC Development Fund. The central theme of the auction was to offer “Ways to Enhance Your Experience as an NBC Member.” Here are the winners:

#1. Gilles Bruneaux won the rights to a reserved parking spot right next to the front door of the club for the entire 2014 rowing season. We will be putting up a sign shortly, but beware- the spot to the right of the door is now reserved for a lovely Frenchman all year.

#2. Kyna Leski won the rights to keep her oars in Private Oar Slot #2 for the duration of the 2014 season.  Make room for Kyna please! We will label it accordingly.

#3. Chris Vezetinski will be the recipient of a Private Sculling Lesson with the master himself, Albin Moser. 

#4. Sharon and Davey Cutts are the winners of an authentic, old double hulled catamaran sculling boat designed by Buckminster Fuller and owned by Joe Oldham who was a member in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

We had a great night, and we hope that those who took photos will post them on the website. If you can believe it, Kim is already looking ahead to next year. Don’t miss out! It’s your one and only chance to see everyone dressed up, dancing and hamming it up, at least in a photo booth. Kim will also have the DVD of the photo booth which some has incredibly artsy pictures of NBC members dressed in fanciful regalia. Now it’s back to rowing shorts, tights, polartec fleece, and wool socks. We will see you on the dock or on the water. Remember rowing in March is only with other members and a motorboat as an escort. And, of course, pay your membership dues this week, if you have not done so already.