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Kim, Corlis, M.J., Jon, Bjorn, and Sharon Lead the Way with 2013 Awards

January 25/Providence: The January Awards dinner is a wonderful way to reflect on the year that has past and to recognize those who did very well. Comparable to the Roman god Janus, it is also a way to look ahead to see where we are going. Christ Bardt, Boat Club President and MC for the evening, welcomed the many guests in attendance and gave Jim Devol, steadfastly a major NBC’s planner, a few minutes project the course for the future. Jim quickly outlined the plan that would take the building from where it is now to almost doubling its size. To heighten the excitement of that plan architect Kit Wise posted his magnificent drawings of the exterior and interior of this vision for what would be the second expansion of the boathouse.

Chris then proceeded to the 2013 awards. For the Women’s Sweeps the Maggie Chadwick Award winner was M.J. Haronian. Selected by her fellow rowers, M.J. fulfills the description of her “ability to contribute to her team's general enjoyment of rowing, consolidate and inspire her team's effort in competition, her own individual effort and improvement, and her overall endeavor to strengthen her boat's teamwork.” M. J., a Brown grad who did not row in college, took up rowing at the NBC. She has been an enthusiastic and powerful rower for the past five years.

Moving on to the C.P. Williamson Sculling Award which is presented to the sculler who both successfully competed at the Head of the Charles and whose good sportsmanship embodies the spirit of C. P. Williamson, one of the key NBC members who helped keep it going through the Fifties and Sixties. Surveying the vast field of sculling entries, the Board of Governors selected Bjorn Sandstede. Bjorn has been rowing for less than three years, having started in in barge in the fall of 2012. He finished the Men's Senior Master Singles in a time of 20:44.369, 23rd of 32, but more importantly Bjorn’s love of rowing and work ethic would certainly make Charlie Williamson proud.

Next up was the Albin Moser Award established to recognize that member who has gone far and above the call of duty in his/her work for the Boat Club. The Board of Governors considered many worthy potential recipients, but this year Kim Worrell stood out, in particular with her masterminding the elegant March 2nd Gala at the Agawam Hunt Club. This event was beautifully presented, had outstanding food, excellent live entertainment, and lots of dancing for the more than 190 guests. Kim has also been steadfast in planning many other events that successfully bring us together, which so important for a sport that stresses no talking in the boat. Kim was unable to officially receive her award, since was on vacation, but she humbly accepted it over the telephone.

Next it was on to the NBC Championship Sculling Trophies. Corlis Gross took the women’s honors as the top NBC female sculler in the Women’s Open Events in the Mayor’s Cup and the Sweeps & Sculls. Corlis continues the skein of the Gross Family victories in this event, since her mother, Robin, won the award in 1986 and 1994-1996. In the men’s division, there was a December 7th race off between Scott Whitney, the fastest NBC sculler in the Mayor’s Cup men’s open, and Jonathan Dow, the winner of the Sweeps & Sculls Men’s Open. Jonathan, seems grow another inch each month, rowed an excellent race to win the Men’s Championship Trophy. Jon is a member of Peter Wilhelm’s 2013 National Championship Quad and rowed in the bow seat of the 2013 Head of the Charles Junior Championship Double. Jon will be attending and rowing at Brown in 2014. He loves the Seekonk.

Next, it was time for the mileage awards. Overall, the Boat Club’s mileage total of 79,800 miles was short by 250 compared to last year’s all-time record. But, as Chris remarked, this is still more than three times around the world. Top three honors for the men went to Bjorn Sandstede (1,871.2), Dan Gorriaran (1720.2), and Andy Washburn (1614.0). For the women, the top three medalists were Sharon Cutts (1,631.2), Anne Fleet (1,511.5), and Carol Browning (1,414.0). Given the large number of women rowing and racing, the women would eventually accumulate enough mileage to challenge the men. This year came close: the men’s total was 40,359.1. For the women, it was 39,441.7. In fact, among those who rowed more than 1000 miles this year, there were sixteen
women compared to “fifteen” men. All of these numbers were tabulated through the electronic wizardry of Dan Gorriaran, and of course, authenticated by Price Waterhouse Accountants. The list of the top ten scullers/rowers in each category follows this narrative.

Jeff Brock helped to close the program by highlighting the fact that we had two NBC juniors on National Teams this year. Isaac Mocarski who was the sculling
spare for the Men’s Junior World Championships in Trackai, Lithuania and Laura Rand who rowed the double in the CanaMex Regatta held in Mexico City. Albin also added Anders Weiss for recognition. Anders rowed in the National U23 eight that took the silver in Trakai, Lithuania.

Dinner Morsels: David Cutts was impressed that his wife rowed enough miles could take her from Providence to Omaha…The most admired person at the dinner was Hattie Goldman, the newly born daughter of Katie and Sam Goldman, and granddaughter of Lisa and Pete Evans...The potluck dinner’s food was great with a smorgasbord that started with shrimp, great cheese, veal loaf, magnificent chili, outstanding bread and more…It was so good that all of it was totally consumed before the awards program got underway…As always it is thanks to Ira Garber that we have such a spacious studio in which to celebrate the year…As a testimony to the spirit of Kim Worrell, there were many helpers who pulled the event together:  Dan Potter (beer pickup); Bjorn Sandstede, Sharon Cutts, Sarah Cussler, Lisa Evans (Set Up); Sharon Cutts (Paper Products); Gilles Bruneaux, Cynthia Bertozzi, John Duke, Corlis Gross and Dave Mercante (Door Attendants); Alden Bumstead, Andrea Arena, Ruth Berenson, Robin Gross, and Albin Moser (Cleanup); and Bruce and Colin McCabe (Day after fix
up)…Many thanks as always to Dan Gorriaran and HookFast Specialties for providing the plaques, medals, and ribbons...If you have more “morsels” to add, email them to Albin.

2014 NBC Mileage Leaders             79,800 Miles Cumulative Total for all Members







Bjorn Sandstede


Sharon Cutts



Daniel Gorriaran


Anne Fleet



Andy Washburn


Carol Browning



Chris Bardt


Lisa Evans



Kit Wise


Ruth Berenson



John Duke


Joan Brush



Jeff Brock


Sarah Cussler



David Rand


Kyna Leski



David Mercante


Joan Richards



Rick Richards


Kristi Wharton