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Three NBC Doubles Get the Gold at the 49th Head of the Charles

Cambridge, MA/October 20: The Senior Masters Doubles had repeat winners in Dan Gorriaran and Mike Smith who set a new record for this event and continued their skein of victories that goes back at least ten years. Andy Washburn and Bill Prichett were repeat winners as well in the Grand Masters Doubles. To round out the doubles winners, Peter Wilhelm's junior scullers took another gold with Isaac Mocarski and Jon Dow taking first place in the Men's Youth Doubles. This is the third straight year that an NBC boat has won this event. Tracy Glover, rowing with Carin Reyonds, came close to a victory in her Senior Masters Doubles event, but had to settle for second this year. The NBC was well-represented with many of our scullers and rowers finishing in the single digits. Congratulations to all!! The names and times are listed below. If you would like more detailed information, go to Click on Head of the Charles Results, of course.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

#1. 8:00 AM Men's Senior Veteran Singles II [70+]: Dick Green (SVII) 24:33.230, 6th of 16.

#2. 8:22 AM Women's Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II [60 - 69, 70+]: Barbara Green (SVI) 27:08.230 5th of 7; Ruth Berenson (VII) 23:37.543 3rd of 15; Joan Richards (VII) 23:49.824, 4th of 15.

#3. 8:53 AM Men's Veteran Singles I and II [60+]: Peter Gross (VI) 22:49.139, 20th of 26.

#4. 9:22 AM Men's Grand Master Singles [50+]: David Gray 19:34.418, 9th of 58  Dave Rand 20:10.788, 17th of 58.

#7. 10:34 AM Women's Senior Master Eights [50+]: C-Lisa Evans; S-Kyna Leski; 7-Laura Eckenrod; 6-Alden Bumstead; 5-M.J. Haronian; 4-Lynn Iler; 3-Deb Catley; 2-Amy Abbot; B-Alice Lee, 18:45.868, 18th of 30.

#9. 11:04 AM Women's Senior Master Fours Age Average 50+: C-Andrea Ricky; S-Robin Gross; 3-Joan Brush; 2-Anne Fleet; B-Carol Browning (Orleans Sweeps & Sculls) 19:54.912, 4th of 35.

#10. 11:32 AM Men's Senior Master Doubles [50+] and Grand Master Doubles [60+]:  Dan Gorriaran/Michael Smith (SM) New Record 17:16.197, 1st of 25;  John Cotter/Eric Watne (SM) 18:29.719, 7th of 25; Bill Prichett/Andy Washburn (GM) 18:58.170, 1st of 14;  Pete Evans/John Ryan (SM) 19:33.160 18th of 25; John Duke/Kit Wise (GM) 20:05.731, 4th of 14.

#11. 11:51 AM Senior Masters Women's Doubles [50+]: Carin Reynolds/Tracy Glover (Upper Valley Rowing Association) 19:50.769, 2nd of 28.

#12. 12:11 PM Men's Senior Master Singles [40+]: Bjorn Sandstede 20:44.369, 23rd of 32.

#13. 12:23 PM Women's Senior Masters Singles [40+]: Sarah Cussler 22:18.677, 13th of 22.


Sunday, October 20, 2013 

#32a. 8:39 AM Men's Club Singles: Eric Esposito, 19:31.413, 5th of 41; Sam Goldman, 21:37.948, 32nd of 41.

#32b. 8:39 AM Men's Youth Singles: Jack Luby 20:21.514 12th of 32.

#33b. 9:04 AM Women's Youth Singles: Laura Rand 22:17.938 4th of 22; Grace Ryan 22:55.602 9th of 22.

#DCW4x. 10:03 AM Directors' Challenge Women's Quads: Ann Boucher/Karin Reynolds/Charmie Curran/Tracy Glover (Lucky Charms), 18:42.421 4th of 29; Carol Browning/Joan Richards/Sharon Cutts/Kyna Leski (The Ms Fits), 19:37.126 8th of 29.

#37. 11:05 AM Women's Master Singles: Bryna McConarty 22:29.044 6th of 19.

#38 11:24 AM Men's Youth Doubles: Jon Dow/Isaac Mocarski 18:15.765 1st of 38.

#DCM4x. 1:05 PM Directors' Challenge Men's Quads: Dan Gorriaran/F. Rowe/B. Whitehead/Mike Smith (Narragansett 1), 16:25.765 4th of 29.

#43. 1:22 PM Women's Youth Eights St. Mary Academy - Bay View (C-Caitlin Ponko; S-Laura Poulton; 7-Virginia Liberto; 6-Erin Dolan; 5-Sarah
Underwood; 4-Lauren Harkin; 3-Katie Lowis; 2-Michaela McGuirl; B-Erin Devin)
, 20:02.206, 61st of 85.

#44. 2:01 PM Men's Master Doubles [40+]: Garret Palm/Scott Whitney, 19:03.891, 5th of 18; Fred Duling (Malta)/Jeff Brock (Narragansett), 19:08.447, 6th of 18. Duling/Brock had a 5 second buoy penalty. 

#45. 2:13 PM Women's Master Doubles [40+] : Ann Palms/Kim Worrell, 22:11.278, 9th of 16.

#DCMX4x. 3:23 PM Directors' Challenge Mixed Quads: Pete Evans/John Ryan/Lisa Evans/Gayle Simmons (Whac-A-Mole), 19:14.375 17th of 25; Andy Washburn/Ann Fleet/Joan Brush/Bill Prichett (Lumetta) 22:00.563 24th of 25. Lumetta steering issues toward the end of their race led to 3 minutes and 25 seconds in penalties.