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Konquer the 'Konk, Head of the Charles, Register for Fall Plus and Session 6

NBC Rowers, Families, and Friends:

It has been a busy fall with lots of scullers and rowers in our different classes. We hope that you have enjoyed your days on the Seekonk. There is still one session left: Youth Fall Plus 3:15-4:30 and Session 6 for adults at 7:15 and 8:30 AM. These classes will run October 28 - November 22. Monday, November 11 will be a day off, so those classes will take place on Friday, November 15. There will be no sweeps classes.

You can register online as usual. BUT, there is no PayPal for this session, so please bring a check for the correct amount. If you don't know what the amount may be, bring a blank check and fill it out once you have checked with Ricky.

Here is an update on the four-week Adult Session 6 and Youth Fall Plus classes:

Konquer The 'Konk Regatta on Wednesday, October 23: First of all, many thanks to all of our adult and youth rowers and scullers for the work that they have been doing this fall. These are the last two weeks of the Fall Youth Program. Coming up at 4:00 PM, on Wednesday, October 26 we will have our Konquer The 'Konk Regatta, which features the assembly of all of our scullers and rowers in Pawtucket. Each will row from "stone to stone" down the channel toward the Waterman Grille. This is an informal head-style event, but it has the unique characteristic of starting the slower boats first and reserving the faster boats for a later start in the competition. The Brown Crews will not be on the water, so the river is ours, you might say. Also, there will be the special KTK medals, designed by HookFast Specialties, Inc.

This is also a potluck event. Bring your favorite dish. We will also have pizza and the program will supply the beverages. We should be all wrapped up by 6:15 PM. Register in person through your coach. Parents and Friends: Please observe the regular parking rules. No parking on the west side of River Road. Thanks.

Check out the NBC Entries for the 49th Head of the Charles Regatta! Just in case you were wondering... NBC submitted 24 entries in the HOCR,  4th most of 450 clubs that submitted entries behind Cambridge, Riverside, and Union. Last year, NBC had 4 gold medals, 3rd most of all clubs. And you think a little club with 160 members competing against huge clubs like CRI (1000 members), Cambridge, Saugutuck, etc... can't have an impact on the biggest regattas! Go to the Head of the Charles Regatta for more information.