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Cord Grass Sprints Feature Lots of Friendly Competition

Providence/July 18: It is not a race on the Seekonk River without some rough waves and a strong current! Our young rowers took to the A course with gut and grit. This positive attitude combined with their skill in handling rough water led to good races to cap the end of our Youth 1 Classes. They excelled, regardless of the order of finish. There were a few crabs, a handful of flips, and strategic steering down the course, keeping our officials active and on top of their game
as well. Needless to say, racing well on the Seekonk takes in many factors, some which are totally unanticipated.

Many thanks to Anne Palms and Joan Brush, who held their post as the official finish line and results personnel on the south deck. Many thanks and congratulations to our coaches who did a great job working with our groups throughout the summer: Dave Mercante, Emi Marchetti, Alice Murray, Jen Contreras, Chelsea Robin, Chase Buchholz, and Eric Esposito. Thanks, too, to Ricky Brightman for her work as Registrar, and to Emi Marchetti for her work as Assistant Registrar and organizer of the regatta. Thanks also to HookFast, Inc. who designed the new special Cordgrass Sprints medals.

Regatta Ripples:  Sara Neaves, a former NBC sculler and Bay View rower, traveled all the way from Autstin, TX  to row with Jon Dow in a double, championing the Open Sweeps and Quads event… Gina Vestuti and Laura Poulton battled it out neck and neck down the course with the straightest steering of the regatta…Laura Poulton also takes on four races, the most of any rower out there, placing either 1st and 2nd in all…Tom Buss wins the Adult Dolphin/Trainers, holding onto his title as a leader from last year…A record of Nine Youth Zephyrs completed their first race, in addition to six adults….Noah Fiske takes 4th place even after flipping…The Referees really appreciated the excellent motorboat work of their drivers.

Here are the complete results:

#1. Boys’ B 1X: 1st Tim Hood, 4:54.1, 2nd Marco Vestuti/Laura Poulton (in straight pair without a rudder); 3rd Ciaran McDough; 4th Noah Fiske; 5th Theodore Golstein; 6th Nick Rosenthal; 7th Reed Buchholz.

#2. Youth Zephyrs-Flight 1: 1st Katie Healy, 2:58.2; 2nd Jillian Lee; 3rd Mary Hanna; 4th Catherine Donnelly; 5th Brooke DiDonato.

#2. Youth Zephyrs-Flight 2: 1st Jonathan Penta, 2:51.0; 2nd Finn Caspersen; 3rd Skylar Dunn; 4th Emily Bothelho.

#3. Boys’ A 1X: 1st Artym Hayda, 4:26.4; 2nd Harrison Snow; 3rd Harrison Hophfenberg; 4th Shailen Sampath; 5th Max Eleftherio; 6th Marco Vestuti.

#4. Girls' 2X: 1st Laura Poulton/Christina Mouradian, 4:32.1; 2nd Paige Mattos/Olivia Harwood.

#5. Girls' B 1X: 1st Fiona Yonkman, 6:07.0; 2nd Brigid Kennedy; 3rd Ruby Schnirmen; 4th Maria Innotti.

#6. Girls' A 1X: 1st Laura Poulton, 5:02.7; 2nd Gina Vestuti.  

#7. Boys' 2X: 1st Reed Buchholz/Tim Hood, 4:16.5; 2nd Shailen Sampath/Harrison Hopfenberg.

#8. Adult Dolphin/Trainers A: 1st Tom Buss, 5:28.1; 2nd Sean Rogers; 3rd Dan Zussman; 4th Eric Wernevi; 5th Adam Dreisman.

#9. Adult Zephyrs: 1st Geoffrey Schnirman, 6:28.0; 2nd Anne Hird; 3rd Timothy Riendeau; 4th Helen Bodell; 5th Kathy Lee.

#10. Adult Dolphin/Trainers: 1st Haley Johnson, 6:06.5; 2nd Helen Smith; 3rd Cindy Gorriaran.  

#11. Open Sweeps & Quads & Double: 1st Sara Neaves/Jonathan Dow, 3:49.9; 2nd Youth 4+ B (Marco Vestuti, West Caster, Tim Hood, Laura Poulton, Gina Vestuti-Coxswain); 3rd Youth 4+ A (Noah Fiske, Fiona Yonkman, Max Fitzgerald, Maira Iannotti, Katherine Hoffman-Coxswain); 4th Master’s Quad (Rick Richards, Stephanie Isenberg, Joan Richards, Layne Mayer).