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Sweeps & Sculls Features 15 Gold Medals for NBC

Providence/July 7: It was a great day of flat water on the Seekonk River and for what must be the 30th edition of the Sweeps & Sculls Regatta. 760 entries made it from start to finish during the 39 races and the Narragansett Boat Club successfully captured the gold in 15 of the 39, as well as additional silver and bronze medals--all of them HookFast originals, of course. Our competition came from many different New England rowing organizations, but also ;included a large contingent from Hudson River Rowing, Mohawk, and Long Island.

We also had a number of tight races. In the Men’s Masters 1X E Final, NBC Captain Kit Wise had to power his way down the course with a really fast raw time to win by 1.8 seconds over Saugatuck’s Pasternak, who had a 24 second handicap. In the Men’s Master 4X Saugatuck’s 24 second handicap was enough to outlast and defeat NBC’s Quad by 2 seconds. The Women’s Junior 2X had an exciting finish with Mohawk slipping by Long Island by 1.3 seconds. In the Women’s Masters 8+ A-C New Haven zipped ahead of Hudson Riverby less than one second. In the Mixed Masters 2X D-I, NBC outlasted Saugatuck, who had a considerable handicap, by 2.4 seconds. There was also a stirring 2000 meter competition in the Women's Open 2X between NBC’s Danielle Riggin (newly graduated from Bay View and headed to Duke) and Grace Ryan (a Lincoln School junior and a resident of North Attleborough) versus NBC’s Chelsea Robin and Celine Gill, Bay View rowing alumnae who are now rowing at BC and URI respectively. Riggin and Ryan won by 2.2 seconds. In the Women’s Masters 4+ D-E Springfield’s Riverfront Recapture crew took the NBC boat by .4 seconds. In the Men’s Masters 8+ New Haven nosed out NBC by less than a second. In the Men’s Open 1X Isaac Mocarski came from behind to nip NBC teammate Phil Esposito by 1.9 seconds.

Many thanks to Mitch Berkson, NBC’s Regatta Director, and Gayle Simmons, volunteer coordinator, who did a masterful job assembling all of our volunteer personnel: those who did the parking, registration, dock management, tabulated the finish line results, plus the officials and drivers on the water. Thanks as well to the scullers and crews for their cooperation throughout the day. Most, if not all, arrived on the line at least three minutes early, which helped keep our schedule going on time. Of course, the flat water and the hot, but not torrid, temperatures helped as well so that everyone could have racing good racing conditions.

Regatta Ripples: Among the NBC winners were Tracy Glover (Wmns Master 2X C), Ann Fleet (Wmns Master 2X D), Joan Richards & Sharon Cutts (Wmns Master 2X E-F), Scott Whitney (Men's Master 1X A-C), Kit Wise (Men's Master 1X F-H, A. Boucher (Wmns Master 1X AA-D), NBC Wmns Master 8+ D-E (Tracy Glover and others--if someone can email me the lineup, we will print it here), Dave Lucente (Men's Novice 1X), NBC Junior 4X (Phil Esposito, Grace Ryan, Laura Rand, Isaac Mocarski), Kit Wise & Sharon Cutts (Mixed Master 2X D-I), Danielle Riggin & Grace Ryan (Wmns Open 2X), NBC Mixed Master 4X (Eric Watne and others-we will place your lineup here. Send it in.), NBC Masters 4X (Joan Brush and others-email your lineup to us), Dave & Katherine Rand (Parent/Child 2X), Isaac Mocarski (Men's Open 1X), NBC Mixed 8+ (Jeremy Stricsek and others-we will place your lineup here. Send it in.) … Grace Ryan not only snared two golds, she placed highest in the Women’s Open, thus creating a race-off with Corliss Gross to determine the NBC Women’s Sculling Champion for 2012 … Isaac Mocarski accomplished the same with his victory in the Men’s Open. He will need to race off with Chase Buchholz, the winner of the Mayor’s Cup. … Speaking of Chase, he and Breck Wagner did not participate in this regatta in favor of tapering for the National Junior Trials in the Junior Men’s Doubles on July 9-10. The winner will go to the World Junior Rowing Championships. … Their coach, Peter Wilhelm, did his usual super job assisting with the landing of shells throughout the regatta. … We had the highest ratio ever of USRowing certified officials at an NBC regatta: Six. … Judy Jamieson, one of our NBC Presidents Emeritus and one of the founders of the early morning women’s sweeps group, did a great job as one of our dockmasters. … Liz Head, another NBC President Emeritus, headed up the early morning registration duties. … Meanwhile, yet another President Emeritus, Albin Moser, served as aligner and starter for most of the races. … Fellow referees Dave Loftus, Peter Gross, Tony Palms, Kristin San Bento, Paul Carabillo, and Pete Evans did a great job sticking with the rotation to keep the races on time. ... Joan Brush had an outstanding array of NBC attire for sale on the north deck. … There were no false starts. Kudos to all. No doubt all were ready for the pregnant pause between “Attention” and “Go!” … Steve Hopkinstook tons of shots. Perhaps you will find one that you like. … The Seven Stars Bakery bagged lunches were a big hit for all the volunteers. … Our motorboat drivers did a very good job moving the officials up and down the river. Hopefully we did not wake our own race. … There was only one big motorboat from Pawtucket that plowed through the waters. Not much else. That was a big help. … The new course and finish line seemed to work out well. Thankfully everyone went on the paddle when they crossed the finish line, which is now immediately adjacent to the dock. … There are lots more items to add here, perhaps you can send us more and we will include them, especially the info regarding the missing lineups to NBC boats noted above. ...

Oh yes, Joan Richards provided this observation and question from a visiting parent of a high school rower: “This is a really big and complicated event! Do you guys make a bundle off of it?” Joan: “No. I don’t think so.” The visiting mother: “Then why do you do it?” Some of us have done this for over 40 years. Of course it is great to test your speed against rowers from other regions. It also helps the Boat Club’s general treasury a bit. It is also an opportunity for us to test ourselves to see if we can actually make this regatta thing work. But most of all, you feel really good once it’s over and most, if not all participants, have had a good race, a good row, and an excellent experience — especially here on the Seekonk River.