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Cord Grass Sprints Featured Undaunted Scullers Rowing on bumpy Water

Providence/July 12: It was typical summer afternoon on the Seekonk with the southerly sea breeze mixing up the waters. In spite of it all, the scullers faced the challenge with aplomb and good humor. Some of them did get very wet. One of the closest races of the day was for second place between the Boys’ 4+ and the Girls 4X. The Boys led throughout, but the girls kept moving up only to end up in third place by less than two feet. Meanwhile, Adrian Roop and Jonathan Dow were comfortably in first place, racing in a double. Dow put all of his work rowing this winter and spring to good use. He also finished first in the Boys’ A Racing Singles, wining by a large margin.

Brian Kahn put his kayaking experience to go use. He was leading in his Adult Dolphin/Trainer race only to flip. Before Referee Rob English could report that we have a sculler in the water, Brian was back in the boat, but his main challenge was making sure that his seat was back on the track. Brian finished third. Bjorn Sandstede, an Associate Professor in Brown’s math department won the event. Bjorn started rowing in the barge last fall; continued rowing on ergs at the boathouse throughout the winter, and then returned to the water in the spring. Practice makes perfect.

McKinley Knoop and Gina Vestuti won the Girls’ Doubles with a close finish. Perhaps it was their diminutive size that made the difference, as they elegantly guided their shell across the choppy water. McKinley started rowing last year and resumed doing so twice a week this spring. Gina started rowing in the barge this spring, and coxed sweeps boats. She has rowed daily over the past four weeks.

The Zephyr races had their own excitement. Alex Mazika did a powerful job in the Youth B Zephyr. Nick McGarry, a rower from Barrington’s East Bay Rowing, followed up with a strong second place. In the A Zephyr, Annie Maderios showed passion and determination as she pulled her way down the course. In fact, when she crossed the finish line slightly ahead of David Cabatigan and Annie Da Silva, Maderios continued to keep racing for an additional five strokes. Abby Dolan showed excellent form, power connection, and persistence as she held on to first place in the Youth A Dolphins.

Many thanks to our officials who kept the program running on schedule: Dave Loftus, Tony Palms, Pete Evans, Rob English, and John Ryan. Our finish line volunteers: Daniela Roop and Cindy Vestuti. Also, to our support staff of coaches from the youth program: Katie Rand (Overall Coordinator), Alice Murray, Jen Contreras, Brent Basso, Chelsea Robin, Justine Baldwin. Also, to Kristin San Bento who convinced her whole adult zephyr class to enter this event. Likewise to Brent Basso, whose evening zephyr group took on this challenge with gusto. Thanks, too, to Ricky Brightman, our Registrar, who spent the evening handing out ribbons and medals.

Thank you, too, to all the parents who brought lots of pots, plates, and other items to this pot luck event. If you missed it, we will have another: August 9th – the Annual Firebee Sprints. You will be able to sign up for this event online as soon as we can complete the formatting.

Speaking of registering online, if you would like to row in Youth 2, which starts on Monday, July 16, register now at

Here are the events, the winning times, and the order of finish.

Event #1. Boys’ B Racing Singles 1000m – Winning Time: 5:54.5. 1. Jack Bauer, 2. Nash Klinger, 3. Andrew Cabatingan.

Event #2. Girls’ Doubles 1000m – Winning Time: 5:03.05. 1. McKinley Knoop & Gina Vestuti, 2. Virginia Liberto & Danielle, 3. Michaela McGuirl & Erin Dolan,

Event #3. Boys’ A Racing Singles 1000m – Winning Time: 4:19.4. 1. Jonathan Dow, 2. Adrian Roop, 3. Peter McKendall, 4. Ciaran McDonough, 5. Rishi Patel.

Event #4. Youth Zephyrs 500m – Winning Time: 6:18.79. 1. Alex Mazika, 2. Nick McGarry, 3. Rosemary McMahon, 4. Julia Berkson.

Event #5. Girls’ B Singles 1000m – Winning Time: 5:44.2. 1. Gina Vestuti, 2. Lauren Moran, 3. Rachel Ford.

Event #6. Girls’ A Singles 1000m – Winning Time: 5:15.72. 1. Erin O’Connell, 2. McKinley Knoop, 3. Virigina Liberto.

Event #7. Youth A Zephyrs 500m – Winning Time: 3:07.0. 1. Annie Madieros, 2. David Cabatigan, 3. Annie DaSilva, 4. Avery Reavis.

Event #8. Adult Dolphins/Trainers 1000m – Winning Time: 5:30.3. 1. Bjorn Sandstede, 2. Timmons Roberts, 3. Brian Kahn, 4. Colin McCabe.

Event #9. Adult Zephyrs 500m – Winning Time: 2:51.0. 1. Tom Buss, 2. Jim Wood, 3. Donald McNaughton, 4. Dan Zussman, 5. Will Fairbrother, 6. Brigid Conlon.

Event #10. Women’s Dolphins/Trainers 1000m – Winning Time: 6:26.17. 1. Karen Melanson, 2. Fusun Gundogan.

Event #11. Youth A Dolphins 1000m – Winning Time: 5:21.2. 1. Abby Dolan, 2. John Turnini, 3. Matthew Harkin, 4. Rosie Roop.

Event #12. Youth 4+, 4X, 2X 1000m – Winning Time: 4:01.0. 1. Boys’ 2X (Adrian Roop & Jonathan Dow), 2. Boys’ 4+ (Griffin Bartsch, Jack Luby, Tim Hood, Connor Fallon, & Caitlin Mason), 3. Girls 4X (Virginia Liberto, Erin Dolan, Bridgette Clemmey, Danielle Hattoy), 4. Girls 4+ (Abby Prescott, Lauren Moran, Alex Moran, Erin O’Connell, & Gina Vestuti).