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NBC Weathers Irene

Providence/August 28: Thanks to many NBC Members, the boathouse and its contents were ready for Irene. The Zephyrs were loaded to the second floor. The shells in the boat bay that we usually keep on rollers were raised on to slings. The entire boathouse floor was cleared and all the items brought to the second floor. The anticipation was for the storm surge that would flood the a good part of the interior of the first floor. Fortunately, that did not happen. The surge came through after high tide. So the river height was not much more than normal. It is somewhat ironic that in 1938, when our current boathouse was built, it survived the massive Hurricane of 1938. Now, in a much lesser way, the boathouse and our new docks "survived" Irene. Many thanks to all who reset all of the equipment, including lowering the zephyrs from the second floor deck back to the docks.