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Firebee Sprints Featured Close Racing and Ideal Conditions

Providence/August 17: Liam Kelly and Phil Marchetti started off the evening with a really tight race in the A Racing Singles that had only one second difference between the two at the finish with Liam coming out ahead. Danielle Riggin, the only girl in the race, came in with a respectable third place. The Girls’ Doubles was another tight duel with Michaela McGuirl and Virginia Liberto coming through at the end to finish with a one second lead. In the Girls’ Dolphins/Trainers, Erin Dolan to first with ease, but the real competition was for second with Danielle Hattoy finishing slightly ahead of third place McKinley Knoop.

In the Girls’ B Singles Juliette Risica zoomed out in front and kept on going to finish with a strong lead. In the same race, Jen Contreras provided excellent representation for the coxswain corps, since she is a coxswain. In spite of a sore right knee and a sore right hand, she held her own to take second place. Ciaran McDonough took first in the Adult Dolphins/Trainers, but Carl Helmetag was very close behind. In the final event, the Mixed Shell Competition, the speedy lightweight double of Danielle Riggin and Phil Marchetti showed their class by taking first place over the bigger boats.

This was the conclusion of our summer rowing program. All of the scullers, rowers, and coxswains did a great job arriving on time, warming up, and racing. They helped to display not only their excellent rowing technique, but also their top-rate organizational skills and sportsmanship. It was a great evening for all, especially for the friends and family that cam to view the competition. It was also a very special treat to have our new, greatly expanded docks which helped to greatly facilitate the launching and landing of the different shells.

Event #1. A Racing Singles/1000m – Winning Time: 4:04. 1. Liam Kelly; 2. Philip Marchetti; 3. Danielle Riggin; 4. Jonathan Dow; 5. Peter McKendall; 6. Ciaran McDonough.

Event #2. Girls’ Doubles/1000m – Winning Time: 4:11. 1. Michaela McGuirl/Virginia Liberto; 2. Sara Neaves/Paige Mattos.

Event #3. Youth Zephyrs/400m – Winning Time: 3:30. 1. Simon Balukonis; 2. Katie Lowes; 3. Sophia Richter; 4. Abby Dolan.

Event #4. Girls’ Dolphins/Training Singles/1000m – Winning Time: 2:58. 1. Erin Dolan; 2. Danielle Hattoy; 3. McKinley Knoop.

Event #5. Girls’ B Singles/1000m – Winning Time: 4:11. 1. Juliette Risica; 2. Jennifer Contreras; 3. Virginia Liberto; 4. Michaela McGuirl; 5. Hannah Fitzpatrick.

Event #6. Adult Dolphin/Training Singles/1000mWinning Time: 3:06 1. Ciaran McDonough; 2. Carl Helmetag.

Event #7. Mixed Shell Competition/1000m – Winning Time: 3:14.5 1. Youth Mixed 2X (Danielle Riggin & Phil Marchetti); 2. Youth Mixed 4+ in the Kilguss (Jen Contreras, Cox; Haley Pare, Stroke; Brian Ross, 3; Jon Dow, 2; Diana Lucey, Bow); 3. Youth Mixed 4+ in the Lada (Caitlyn Mason, Cox; Juliette Risica, Stroke; Grace Ryan, 3; Sara Neaves, 2; Peter McKendall, Bow); 4. Mixed Masters 8+ in the Gorriaran (Emi Marchetti, Cox; Barbara Krementz, Stroke; Frank Kahr, 7; Emily Spikell, 6; Catherine King, 5; Margie Bulter, 4; Bev Erich, 3; Amy Cohen, 2; Lynn Curtis, Bow).

Many thanks to those who made this event possible. Referees: Tony Palms, John Ryan, Dave Loftus; Drivers: Dave Mercante, Andrea Ricci, Jill Hubbard, Dave Rand. Finish Line: Jack Ryan & Sue Marchetti. Dock Masters and Awards Presenters: Katie Rand, Emi Marchetti and Alice Murray. In honor of the 40th Anniversary of the NBC Junior Sculling Program, each sculler/rower in the regatta received the special Firebee Sprints Medal created by Hook-Fast, Inc.