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The Docks Are Complete: NBC Rowing Life Can Now Continue

This major project was spearheaded by Jamie Reavis, President Emeritus; Kit Wise, Architect, and Jim Devol, supreme implementation manager; and others, our dock can now adequately handle the large numbers of rowers and scullers that cross its timbers on a daily basis. With a river front distance that spans 150-plus feet, we can now launch three eights (with a little overlap) at one time. Even more importantly, the width of the docks provides ample space for washing boats, resetting winged-rigger shells, and other activity. We even have enough room to store some of the motorboats on the old dock. This may help reduce the scourge of barnacle encrustation on our hulls. In addition to all this, we have even greater stability and the ample addition of new pilings in a number of strategic spots allows us to keep the docks in the water year-round. Sadly, of course, that means we will no longer have our post-Thanksgiving meetings (usually in a cold rain) to move the docks to higher ground for the winter.

The new dock presents a majestic view, especially for those who can think back to the "early" days when all we had was the old main dock (no wings). You will have to visit the boathouse to believe the sight.