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Breck and Chase Win Gold Medals at Club Nationals

Six 2000m Races and Three Gold Medals Later: (Left to Right) Chase Buchholz, Breck Wagner, and Peter Wilhelm display their medals at Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis.  Photo Credit: Elizabeth Wheeler

Eagle Creek Park, Indianapolis/July 16-17: On Saturday, July 16 Breck Wagner, a rising senior at Wheeler, staged an astounding come from behind victory to win the USRowing Club Nationals Junior A Single Sculls at the USRowing Club Nationals. Wagner was two lengths behind the leader going into the last 250 meters, increased his stroke rate, and zoomed by to win by 1 ½ lengths to win the 2000 meter race in a time of 7:46.3. This makes Wagner the fastest of the 42 junior men scullers who raced in this event.

This Sunday morning, July 17, Wagner and Chase Buchholz, a junior at Moses Brown, combined to win USRowing Club Nationals Junior A Double Sculls. Rowing a race plan similar to Wagner’s in the single, they were in a strong duel for second place with the leaders out ahead, then with 250 meters to go, Wagner and Buchholz blew by the leaders to win by two lengths.

Wagner and Buchholz are coached by Peter Wilhelm and row as members of the Narragansett Boat Club. Buchholz also placed fifth in the Junior A final. Both of these young men have now raced flat out for a total of six races in the past four days. This is a magnificent achievement and makes their 15 hour ride back to Rhode Island a very pleasant trip. Earlier this summer, Wagner and Buchholz were bronze medalists at the USRowing Youth Nationals held in Cincinnati, OH .


Race 29: Mens Junior A 1x Final 2000 meters @ 05:44 PM June 16, 2011          

1st Narragansett (Breck Wagner) 07:46.43; 2nd Maritime F (P. Tortora) 07:49.27; 3rd Maritime C (G. Mink) 07:50.08; 4th Atlanta A (T. Summers) 07:52.28; 5th Narragansett (Chase Buchholz) 07:59.40; 6th Sarasota C (V. Tarrau) 08:06.42.

42 Scullers entered so there were six preliminary heats of seven boats each. Breck and Chase won their preliminary heats. Each was then placed into one of three semi-final races of six boats each. The top two boats in each semi-final would then advance to the six boat final. Breck won his semi-final and Chase came in a very close second in his, so both advanced. Breck won. Chase’s forearms tightened up, making it extremely difficult to continue pulling at his optimum. As result, he placed fifth.

Race 54: Mens Junior A 2x Final 2000 meters @ 10:08 AM June 17, 2011

1st Narragansett (Breck Wagner & Chase Buchholz) 06:59.14; 2nd Maritime A (P. Tortora) 07:03.08;

3rd Atlanta (C. Ward) & 3rd Sarasota A (T. Taaffe)Tied for third as result of protest. 07:17.94; 4th Sarasota B (C. Green) 07:12.86; 5th Unaffiliated (R. Rasmussen) 07:19.84 

36 Junior Men’s Doubles entered, so there were six preliminary heats of six boats in each heat. Breck and Chase won their heat, so they advanced to the semi-finals, and won there. So now, after their 5th race in four days, they proceeded to win the Junior A Double Sculls Final!

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