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4th Annual RIIRegatta Ignored the Rain to Pursue Races Galore

NBC Providence/May 19: Thanks to our on the water officials and drivers, plus the buoyant spirits of the rowers, scullers, and coxswains, this 4th edition of the Rhode Island Interscholastic Regatta was a magnificent event. There were many RIIR Medal recipients and the food for this event was literally wall to wall in the second floor lounge. Bay View took top honors in most sweeps events, except for the Varsity Eights. The field also featured the largest array of zephyr scullers that we have ever had. This is a positive harbinger for future. Kudos, too, to Brian Ross and Ben Pallant who are the first junior rowers to race a pair in this event. They did very well keeping it rowing straight and through some turbulent racing conditions. Taken altogether, we had at least 86 boys and girls competing in this year’s event, probably the highest total yet. Many thanks to the crews from Lincoln School and Bay View Academy for joining us in this friendly competition. The results are posted below. 

Many thanks to our NBC Scholastic coaches: Lisa Evans-Sweeps; Robin Gross and Tony Palms-Advanced and Intermediate Scullers; Fran O’Donnell and Kristin San Bento-Novice Rowers and Scullers. Cole Bonner also provided excellent assistance in the early weeks of the spring program, but then moved on to full-time employment which took him away from us. And a special thanks to HookFast, Inc. for the outstanding special RIIRegatta Medals!

Event 1/Zephyr 1: Scratched since many of the scullers did not arrive on time. Event 2/Girls 3rd and 4th Fours: 1. Bay View, 4:12; 2. Bay View B, 3. Lincoln A. Event 3/Boys Advanced Singles: 1. Greg Mouradian, 4:19; 2. Wyatt Horan; 3. Isaac Mocarski; 4. Michael Schiavone; 5. Liam Kelly. Event 4/Zephyr 2: 1. Duncan Englehart, 4:30; 2. Sophia Parker; 3. Chris Gemma; 4. Heidi Anderson; 5. Jeremy Pallant. Event 5/Girls 2nd Fours: 1. Bay View, 11:41; 2. Lincoln; NBC Boys Pair Without Coxswain. Event 6/Girls Advanced Singles: 1. Grace Kelly, NTT; 2. Laura Rand; 3. Lily Granai. Event 7/Zephyr #3: 1. Nick Rocchio-Giordano, NTT; 2. Caroline Hamman; 2. Lena Rich; 4. Ann Hutchings; 5. Emilie Chung. Event 8/Girls 1st Fours: 1. Bay View, 4:05; 2. Lincoln; 3. NBC Scholastic. Event 9/Second Varsity Eights: 1. Bay View, 4:05; 2. NBC Scholastic. Event 10 /Zephyr #4: 1. Wolf Mueller, 4:34.3; 2. Christina Lusi; 3. Sarah Reynolds; 4. Elizabeth Colavita; 5. Sara Neaves. Event 11 /Intermediate Singles: 1. Alex Kurose, 5:39; 2. Marco Vestuti, 3. Peter McKendall, 4. Neal Glennon. Event 12/ Varsity Eights: 1. NBC Scholastic Boys, NTT; 2. Bay View First Varsity Girls. NTT=No Time Taken.