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Brock Leads NBCers at the Crash-Bs

Boston: Otherwise known as a Mathematics Professor at Brown University, Jeff Brock periodically dons his Superman suit and does an awesome job on the Dresiggacker pain machine, otherwise known as the rowing ergometer. Jeff scored another personal best at the CRASH-B Sprints with a 6:28.5 for the 2000 meter trek on the floor of the Agganis Arena. Jeff was coached, coxed, and coaxed onward by Dan Gorriaran, who did the same for many other NBCers. Included in the group were: Kt Wise (7:11.7), Rob English the Elder (7:47.0), Ruth Berenson (8:22.7...lopping 11 seconds off her 2010 time), Bev Ehrich (9:35.0), Dan Potter (6:38.8), and John Riggin (8:09.1). Among the Junior competition, Peter Wihelm's young men gained an outstanding representation from Chase Buchholz who did his best with 6:41.0. Other Junior racers were  Eric Esposito (7:09.9), Wills McMahon (6:56.1), and Brian Ross (7:16.8). Representing our NBC Scholastic Rowers, we had Melissa Eberly (8:15.1, her a personal best thus far) and Emma Dow (8:41.8). Among the Bay View entries, Kendall Trautman made an excellent debut at this World Championship event with a 7:46.5. Other racers were Maura Flanagan (8:19.9), Danielle Riggin (8:25.5), and Lindsey Sanford (8:54.0), who rowed to a 4th place in the coxswain event. You can find all of the results at In addition, you can go to this link: to check out the story by the Providence Journal's Jim Donaldson, who provided his view of this 30th Annual World Championship gathering of stationary rowers.

To close out the day, Albin also picked up and delivered to the NBC four new ergs plus two additional ergs for members. It was quite the puzzle to fit them all onto and into the pickup truck. Ironically, alongside Albin there was one of his Brown rowers from the 1970's, who is now into coaching. He was also loading his pickup truck with a bevy of ergs. The purchase of these ergs and most of the others that we now have in the boathouse has been made possible by the winter indoor rowing program.