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NBC's Wagner & Weiss Snare Gold at 2010 USRowing Club Nationals

Oak Ridge, TN: The Narragansett Boat Club was ably represented at the USRowing Club Nationals in Oak Ridge. David Mercante, Ezra Mitchell, Anders Weiss and Breck Wagner along with Peter Wilhelm, coach extraordinaire, made the journey south for five days of grueling heat and humidity on beautiful Melton Lake. Mercante and Mitchell excelled in their first heat against a strong set of contenders in the Men's Intermediate Double Sculls and made the semi-finals where they made a strong effort but were disappointed. Weiss also made it through a tough heat to the semi-finals in the Men’s Junior A Single Sculls where with 750 meters to go he encountered and dragged a piece of river debris and had an unfortunate result.  

Disappointed as he was, Weiss rebounded, joining Wagner for what ended as a victorious gold medal finish in the Men’s Junior A Double Sculls, besting two favored boats, one with a sculler who placed 4th in last year’s Junior World Championship Singles and the current Junior National doubles team which is going to the World Championships in August.

Wagner on his own easily took an indisputable lead in each of his races in the Men’s Junior B Single to bring home a second gold medal in the finals as well. Weiss and Wagner both expressed their deep appreciation to Peter Wilhelm, long time Barrington resident and member of the Narragansett Boat Club, for his tireless devotion both on the Seekonk and throughout this National Championship Regatta. The boys dedicated their final results to Peter without whom this would not have been possible. The Narragansett Boat Club is located in Providence and features rowing and sculling for all ages as well as top competitors in national youth and master’s competition.

Men’s Junior B 1X (Singles) USRowing Club Nationals Oak Ridge, TN

Final 1: Narragansett Boat Club-R. WAGNER, 08:05:16; 2: Canada-CanAmMex-J. GEISBRECHT, 08:08:60; 3: Saugatuck Rowing Club-M. MASPERI, 08:12:64; 4: Y Quad Cities Rowing-J. TINSMAN, 08:14:35; 5: Maritime Rowing Club-N. BERMAN, 08:15:36; 6: Saugatuck Rowing Club-J. PETTERSON, 08:21:43.

Men’s Junior A 2X (Doubles) USRowing Club Nationals Oak Ridge, TN

Final 1: Narragansett Boat Club-A, 07:12:56; 2: Steel City Rowing Club-A, 07:12:72; 3: Potomac Boat Club-A, 07:17:04; 4: Saugatuck Rowing Club-B, 07:17:50; 5: GMS Rowing Center-A, 07:18:10; 6: Philadelphia Sculling Club-A, 07:23:57.

Youth 1 Featured 62 Youth Rowers:  The 7:15 and 9:00 AM classes ahd enough youth scullers to empty most of the racks of singles and a few doubles. In addition, we had two eights on the water at 9:00 AM. We no longer had any room for scullers at 7:15, but we did take on more scullers at 9:00 AM with prior sculling and/or rowing experience. Youth rowers and scullers then an excellent program regatta on Thursday, July 15 for the Cord Grass Sprints Regatta which displayed the collective rowing skills of our group. 

Youth 2 Starts on July 19, Please Register Early: If the number of boys and girls rowing in Youth 1 is any indicator of what might happen in Youth 2, we encourage you to register early, if you have not done so already. We will have plenty of seats available in the eights, so boys and girls with prior rowing experience are welcome to sign up for 7:15 and 9:00 AM. We will also include a 10:30 class for beginning scullers, since we ware limited to six zephyrs for each time block.

Adult Classes Feature four Barge Groups: Altogether we have about 100 adult rowers this session, thanks to a great turnout of Beginner Barge and Exercise Barge Rowers. We encourage you to sign up now for your Beginner Sculling Class in the Zephyrs. Since we have only six zephyrs, that means we have 6 slots available on Mon/Wed and another six on Tue/Thu; likewise for the evening 5:30 PM classes on Mon/Wed and Tue/Thu. This will be equally important for other persons who may not be rowing now, but would like to take on the zephyr classes in Session 4. Apply now. Click on the adult application to the right.