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NBC Scullers Place 5th in National Youth Championships

A Special Report from Steve Clark

Harsha Lake, Cincinnati, OH /June 13: It was a warm sunny morning. It had rained quite heavily over the night, and Lake Harsha had risen more than a foot. The beach disappeared, the tents by the waterfront were taken down and the Narragansett Boat Club scullers found their boats in different places this morning. All was well and it looked like a great day for rowing.

Anders Weiss finished second in the Men’s 1x Petite Final. This is a great showing, given the fact that he has been rowing for less than a year. Anders has demonstrated his ability to move a boat and shown even more potential for the future. Good work!

Dave Clark and Breck Wagner finished 5 th in the Men’s Lightweight Double. Dave had an aggressive race plan, and they were well positioned to win a medal at the 1500, but it was not to be. Dave collapsed in the last 250 meters and they finished 6 seconds behind Long Beach and a ½ second behind Warwick Valley High. For the second time in 4 weeks, Dave ended up in the emergency room getting bags of fluid drained into his arm. There is no indication at this time as to why this is happening. He had been taking hydration very seriously and his coaches were sure that he had enough water aboard. He weighed in this morning 4 pounds above his normal mid day weight, so one would think that he would be ready for action. He was and definitely gave it his all. Nevertheless this is a good showing and Dave and Breck should be proud of their finish. Last year they were never really in contention for one of the top finishes. This year they had a chance, raced to win, and left nothing behind.

Once again, Narragansett boat Club has been well represented by its junior members. They conducted themselves well and raced hard in the best traditions of the club. Recognition should be given to Coach Peter Wilhelm, who has been working with these boys over the past three years; to Steve Clark, who has been assisting Peter, and who drove the boats out from RI; and also to Liz Wagner and Yvonne Weiss who made the trip possible.

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