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Albin Moser Retires

NBC's Albin Moser has had a long and illustrious career in rowing, and he is a big part of what we all love about NBC. He will be missed!

NBC Youth Scullers Win National Silver and Bronze Medals

NBC youth scullers went to California to compete at Youth Nationals, with great success. 

Lots of Solid Racing at Lowell's Amber Z Regatta

NBC’s John Fay and Lucien Gaitskell Take 2X Bronze
Lowell, MA/May 12-13: The Amber Zapatka Memorial Regatta on the 2000-meter Merrimack River Course includes high school programs such as Bay View and public high schools, as well as juniors who are rowing for clubs, which is our own NBC Scholastic. Saturday's somewhat soggy weather was not as bad as expected with a headwind that eventually became a whimper.

Gorriaran Strokes CBC Eight to Victory on the Amstel

Amsterdam/March 10-11: This is a recap from the Heineken Roeivierkamp on the Amstel. Right up until the day before eight left for Amsterdam, there was still doubt that the entire 5K course would be free of ice. It was a very cold winter in Europe and, for the first time since 2011, the inner canals of Amsterdam were thick enough for skating. Well, mostly thick enough. A Dutch friend of Dan Gorriaran said that there were over 50 incidents of people falling through the ice. But, the Dutch are a hearty bunch and no one seemed to care all that much. The people who fell through just pulled themselves out and everyone else just skated on, no big deal.


NBC Spring Youth and Adult Classes for Rowing on the Water Start March 26 Register now for Youth Spring and Adult Rowing. If you have rowed before, we have intermediate and advanced sweeps and sculls. Sweeps are the "big" boats, eights and fours, each person rowing with one oar. Sculling is usually one person, or two, each rowing with two oars. In all cases, the objective is to learn how to propel the boat with strength and skill to make it go as fast as we can. It's a great exercise and a great way to enjoy the beauty of the Seekonk and Providence Rivers.

New NBC Records: All-Time Club Water Miles: 108,192.0; 17,333,000 meters for the month of January.

Here is the news from the NBC Annual Awards Party held on February 2, 2019. A great event with lots of great people who also took the time to give some our members very special recognition. Thanks to Dan Gorriaran we have photo of Team Patagonia, all NBC members, of course.